Scribblings From the Desert

I am a published author and produced screenwriter living in Rancho Mirage, California with my wife, Beth, and two dogs, Crystal and Misty. I have spent most of my life in and around the Hollywood Motion Picture Business.

Location: Rancho Mirage, California, United States

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Paper and snack as usual after meeting. Tom Snow made it today. Down to computer for e-mails, etc. Work a little on my Republic piece. Lunch with Charles Starrett, Smiley Burnett, and Jock Mahoney in an old Durango Kid episode. Beth calls and I drive over to her place of employment to help her with a phone battery problem. Home and nap with the girls. Up and feed them. Back to my Republic story for the rest to the afternoon. It's about time for her to come home. I better start dinner. Later ~

Monday, January 29, 2007

Called Tom Snow after the meeting and he thinks he'll be in good enough shape to be there tomorrow. Home - paper and snack. Computer, check e-mails. Start on new essay - Republic Pictures lot, now CBS Studio Center. To Cathedral City to pick up a front wheel for my wheelchair (I broke it the other day trying to get it out of the car). Home and work more on essay and no lunch but have another snack. To Dr. appointment with my nephroligist, Richard Stone, M.D. - I'm doing fine. Home and quick nap with girls. Up and feed them, then Tom calls and we talk. More writing, then Beth home. Fix dinner and we eat and talk. Both to office for more work. Later ~

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bonus Blog

Just got back from Orange County. We had a great day. Both sisters, Sharon and Carol, brother Dennis, nephew Greg, nieces Lonnie, Jamie, and Julia, their husbands, plus Sharon's husband Bill and Carol's husband Gary and two new grandbabies. Lotta' food, fun, and frolicking. Two hours to get there, two back. Ron next door fed the girls and all is well. Later ~

We're off to my sister Sharon's in Orange County for a family get-together. So if we get home late and I never have a chance to fill you in on what went on, I promise to write about it tomorrow. Later ~

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday grocery shopping after the meeting as usual. She to work in Indian Wells. I home and put stuff away, then hit computer for e-mail, etc. Read paper (no snack), and continue on computer. Boyd Magers wants to publish my Ken Maynard piece in his Cowboy Clippings newsletter. I have lunch. Beth home and we un-box the new TV. Too heavy for us to handle so we'll have a professional come by next week to hook 'er up. I down for my nap while Beth makes enchiladas for tomorrow (we're going to my sister Sharon's for a family get-together). When I got up I fed the girls then we drove over to Beth's employers' home so Beth could use their refrigerator to store the enchiladas. Home and write here. We'll have some dinner then watch a DVD or whatever before bed. Later ~

Friday, January 26, 2007

Came home after the meeting and took the car to get it washed - read the paper while I was waiting. Back home to computer and continue on my Ken Maynard essay. Talked to Beth then called my friend Tom Snow. Picked up some Mexican food ant took it by Tom's. He's still laid up with the hip replacement but is also having trouble with a foot infection (he has diabetes). Home and nap. Up, feed girls. Then back to writing and finally finish. Send it to George Coan and others. Post it on my Author's Den site, and print it out for Beth. She home and we eat and talk. She reads it and, as usual, likes it. She found a couple of typos which I just corrected. Now we're going to watch a recorded show. Later ~

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm writing this early because we're going out to dinner tonight. Beth takes 12-Step Meetings into area jails, and tonight the volunteers are being honored with a dinner in Indio.
Came home after today's morning meeting to the paper and snack as usual. Then I worked a little at the computer and sent several e-mails. Drove over to the Eisenhower campus at 11:00 for my second shot in a series of three to ease my back pain. Home after and do lunch with Don "Red" Berry and Noah Berry, Sr. in an old Republic Western on the Western Channel. Nap with the girls, then up and feed girls. Screwed some screws into hour backyard fence to try and hold it together. Beth calls, then pick her up and we go pick up her employers' Tracker. She back to work and I back here, Started an essay about the times I met Ken Maynard when I was doing stunts. Later ~

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Weather warming up a bit. Home after meeting, read paper and snack. Computer. Jonathon Etter call around 9:00 to talk to me about "Here Come the Brides," a TV Series I worked on in 1968 & '69. He's going to be writing a book on HCTB as well as one on actress Linda Day. I had a lot of fun on HCTB and it was great to reminise about those days with Jon.
Lunch with Harry Baddely and Norman Foster at Red Robin. After, by Beth's place of employment and pick up our wheelchair; bring it home. I broke a wheel (small one in front) when I unloaded it. Put it away then took out a huge box of photos. Took them to the office. Spent all afternoon looking for some photos I took of the HCTB cast and crew playing football in the Boston Street Park at the Columbia Ranch. Finally found them at the bottom of the box after going through a bunch of other pics taken during the good old days.
Beth home and we eat and talk. Both of us to office to take care of our own projects. Nothing recorded to watch on TV, so it'll be early to bed. Later ~

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Blood draw bright and early this morning, then home and eat. It was one of those fasting things. Checked e-mail then out to post office and mail something for Beth. Then on to drug store to pick up some pills that weren't there. Then over to the recycle joint and drop off the junk I picked up the other day from her employer. Home and computer for a while. She calls and I back and this time pick up the pills which had been there all along. Home and eat with Gene Autry an Gail Davis again on the Western Channel. Time-Warner cable guy here and fixes the size of our TV picture. After talk to Beth. Nap. Up for phone call from my old friend, Marge Henderson, a costumer I used to work with occasionally. Then down to computer and write some more on my novel. Sent a query to an LA Publisher. She should be home shortly. I'm off to start dinner. Later ~

Monday, January 22, 2007

Came home after the morning meeting and read the paper. To computer and I eventually call Time-Warner, our cable server. The tech guy walked me through some steps even though I had no picture to go by, and finally got our TV picture back (the one I screwed up yesterday). Still a problem with no HD wide picture, so I made an appointment for a house call for tomorrow. Lunch with Rex Allen and Slim Pickens on the Western Channel. Nap. Up and feed girls. Talked to Tom who, by the way, made it to the meeting today using a cane only. Wrote a little on my newest novel, talked to Jeff Sneller on the phone, then watched a little O'Riley Factor. Started dinner and she arrived home. We ate while she filled me in on her day. Now we're in our office at our computers doing our daily rituals. I smell another early night coming up. Later ~

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Up at 5:00 a.m. Breakfast and paper. She up and off to her place of employment. I fall asleep for an hour or so, then up and sit down to the computer. Re-arrange the opening of my story by rewriting and cutting and pasting a little. Lunch with a John Wayne, Ray Corrigan "Three Mesquiteers" Western. She home. Talk for a while then I back to computer. She watches Bob Hope Classic, I watch a little football. Our High Definition was not working properly so I fiddled with the controls and lost the picture entirely. Now I have to either call Time-Warner or get someone to come over who knows something about HD Boxes. Picked her up some fish tacos and brought them home. Had dinner together. Both of us to the office where we googled some of the performers we saw yesterday, on stage and in the movie. We'll probably hit the sack early because our TV isn't working. Later ~

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The usual Saturday grocery shopping after the morning meeting. Then home to read paper and talk Tom Snow. Work a little on one of my projects. She worked half the morning then go get her nails done. We both changed and attended a show at the McCallum Theater - Songs from Broadway Shows. Three excellent singers and a 40 piece orchestra. Home and decide to go see the movie "Dreamgirls." Good show, too.
Dinner was popcorn $9.00 plus tax for two smalls. After home and check phone and computers. Bed and sleep. Later~

Friday, January 19, 2007

Cloudy and drizzly today. No writing today either - yet. Started off by coming home after the Bil W. meeting to wait for the pest control guy. After he'd done his business, I took off for Best Buy to try and exchange the software I bought yesterday for something that would do the job right - Beth gets tons of spam on her e-mail account - because whatever they sold me yesterday didn't work. All I can do is turn on her firewall I was told. So I left with that in mind. Dopped off some books for Beth at her friend Kim's place of work, then to Sam's Club shopping. Picked up a hotdog for me and a slice of pizza then dropped by Tom Snow's for lunch. He seems to be doing okay. Still on a walker, also a bandaged foot where once was a huge blister. On the way home, I stopped by Beth's place off work and picked up a bunch of electronic equipment Beth will dispose of later. Then home for dessert (fudgecicle) and into the sack for a warm nap. Up and feed girls, call Tom, then to her ocmputer to try and find a firewall that is turned off. I found it and it is turned on. Spam still getting by. Downloaded several other programs that said they blocked spam. Now I'm waiting to see if they work. Hope she comes home soon. Then we'll cook and eat, maybe watch something on TV, and hit the sack. Later ~

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pretty average day. Home for a while after the morning meeting, then to get my hair cut. Home and read paper, then check Internet before working on my two projects. Called a lady at a production company and was asked to send a writing sample, which I did. Lunch with Eddie Dean and Roscoe Ates in a color B-Western on the Western Channel. Nap. Feed the girls then talk to Ed Mohler, my first Corriganville fight partner who just received a stint for his heart. Wrote more in afternoon. She home, and we eat. She's making a few phone calls right now, while I write here. Later ~

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Started off today with a Bill W. meeting as usual, then stopped to pick up more cereal. Home and read the paper. My Letter tot he Editor was there:

Enough with Vietnam

I'm really getting sick of the mainstream press comparing our present war to the conflict in Vietnam - a war we eventually lost because of the communist influence within our own universities.
Why not compare the Iraq war to World War II, a war the United States won? Like Bush, Roosevelt tapped phones, interned those suspected of enemy connections, treated enemy prisoners of war a thousand times better than our enemies treated U.S. soldiers and had a very good relationship with Britain's prime minister.

Unlike Roosevelt, President Bush is attacked from all sides by uninformed citizens and selected members of Congress for doing the exact same things that led this country to victory 67 years ago.

Can someone please tell me what has happened to the country I was raised in? Because it is definitely turning into something I was taught it would never become.

Stephen Lodge

Then I worked on my novel and essay all morning. Had lunch with Gene and Smiley who starred with Gail Davis in "On Top of Old Smokey," one of those old Westerns with a title that has absolutely nothing to do with the story.
Took a nap, then up and feed girls. Had a nice response to my Letter to the Editor. Here it is:

Directed to Mr. Stephen Lodge and other Patriots: I was born and raised In Indio. My Mother was informed I was a healthy male on the morning Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected. She was more elated that I was healthy than joy over President Roosevelt. Regardless, My Grandfather helped build the Pines to Palm Hiway under the auspices of the WPA and the CCC along with many other projects. Times were, as I have been led to understand, difficult to say the least, and people had to work for a living, albeit much sponsored by or directed by the Federal Government, but they did work. Work was not only created (I hate that word------------but, apropos at the time) our men & women were encouraged to work, not prompted to accept un-employment checks. These were most difficult times for all, and then WWII was announced on the Philco and we went to war. My Father went to War. I grew up in Indio @ Roosevelt Grammar School, lived in a three story home on the N.E. corner of 48th and Jackson and went to CVUHS. People had to work then, now, it is different. People (not all, but a goodly portion) expect the Government to provide for them. We are the Government...this is often forgotten. In answer to your query, to what has happened to this Country. It is not the Country Mr. Lodge; it is the people who live here. They have become complacent and lazy. Life has been too good for them; they are spoiled. The Country is the same, thank goodness for the Bill of rights and our Constitution.I suggest more of our citizens re-read these documents and even throw in the Gettysburg address. It will not hurt them to read these pages of history. It may even do some good to a small few. That, Mr. Lodge, Is better than none. I thank you for being a concerned American. God Help us to bring more of your kind out of the spoils of the Republic. We must speak our mind, and realize these United States are still United. It's the populace that is divided. For God and Country. Chad M. Bowlin

I also went and bought some anti spam software for Beth's ocmputer which I tried to install before lunch. It didn't seem to work, so I just installed it again. NOw it seems to be working.
She sould be home soon, so I will cook something, and look forward to having her here tonight. Her assignment as dog watcher ends today. Later ~

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Today I decided to give myself a rest. Been having an e-mail discussion with Bob Boze Bell, publisher of True West Magazine, regarding what needs to be done to draw the under 55 audience to Westerns. He thinks adding a flashy rap soundtrack and computer enhancing the color will attract the younger crowd. I disagree completely and stand by the traditional Western - Elmer Bernstein-style theme music; good vs. bad; strong characters, etc. Anyway, I took the morning off and screened "Tombstone" starring Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer. Every time there was a gorgeous transition shot with that wonderful Bruce Broughton score, I substituted rap in my mind and nearly puked every time I did so. Rap just doesn't work for a Western at all. I talked to another Western fan later on and he agreed with me 100 percent.
After my nap, I worked on both of my writing projects, getting a few words down that I was happy with. Beth came home around five and we had dinner together. She's washing her hair right now, then we're going to watch a recorded show from last night - CSI Miami, I think. Later ~

Monday, January 15, 2007

She went to the meeting while I went and had my blood drawn. Both home and change, then off to El Cajon (near San Diego) for a memorial service for our friend, Ernie Houston, who passes away a week ago. He was married for fourteen years to Beth's good friend Beverly, a one-time co-worker at JPL. We had attended their wedding back in 1992. Small lunch after, talk with Bev, then drive home. Back in time to feed girls (Ron, next door was supposed to feed them but we beat him home). Putz at computers, then she off to feed her employers' dogs while I cook. She home and we eat. Then TV recording of "Without a Trace" from a week ago. No writing today, and Tom was discharged from hospital. Later ~

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Slept in until 5:30 then up. 26 degrees when I checked, Burrrr. Eat and paper. Call her and to computer to work a bit on both projects. Out at 10, stop by hospital to see Tom but he was having a pic line put in, George Widman, our friend, was waiting in the lobby and I told him to tell Tom I'd be back later. Picked up some deli food and went by her place of employment for lunch with her. Watched a slide show of pics taken in Costa Rica last week, then back by hospital and dripped in on Tom. He seems to be healing up and hairing over pretty good. Home to nap, then up and feed girls, call Tom, and back to computer where worked on both projects for a while. She home by four, talk, then I start dinner. She off to feed her employers' dogs. She home and we eat. Then we watch last week's CSI Miami, and she leaves. Our high today was 50, no higher. More cold expected. Later ~

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Home after meeting and shopping to the computer where I worked on both the Corriganville piece and the new novel. Talked to my friend Tom in the hospital where he had a new hip put in yesterday. He's doing fine. Talked to my friend Ross, then back to work. Beth home and we have lunch together. After, she cleans and I work some more on both projects. Stop to fix dinner and eat. Back to computer to send and answer e-mail. Beth off to her employers', and I to bed. Later ~`

Friday, January 12, 2007

Took the Expedition in after the meeting to have the bumper fixed I damaged a few weeks ago in a parking lot. I backed into a truck's bumper which turned out to be a solid steel bumper. I checked his bumper out and there was no damage and didn't look at mine until I got home. That's when I discovered that Ford puts hard rubber bumpers on their SUVs. There was a big dent in the left side. I tried hammering it out to no avail, then found out later they heat the bumper before pounding it out - plus, the entire bumper has to be removed before any work can be performed. $189.20 inc. tax.
While the Expedition was in the shop I spent some time at my computer working on my latest novel - a mystery set in 1948 Hollywood. My protagonist is unlike any other protagonist ever before seen in a mystery. Believe me when I tell you he's definitely no Sam Spade.
I also turned out a few paragraphs on my latest essay for the Behind the Scenes book. This one is all about getting my job at Corriganville and how I learned to be a stuntman-gunfighter when I was just 16 years old.
Beth's not home yet, but I better get my ass into the kitchen and at least try to get something going for dinner before she gets here. She was kind enough to take me home after I dropped off the Expedition, then take me back to pick it up when it was ready. Later ~

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Up and off to morning meeting as usual. Afterward, I drove home to girls and my computer. Got an e-mail reply from an old school mate of mine, Timothy Hallinan, who is a mystery writer. He gave me a good suggestion for a book. I asked him if I could steal it and he returned my e-mail very soon and said go for it. In the mean time I drove to Eisenhower Hospital's Luci Curci Building and got a shot for my anemia, then to the orthopedic building where I was given an epidural for my back pain. I was allowed to drive home and when I got there it was down for a quick nap. So quick, in fact I never slept. All I did was keep thinking of ideas of what the story would be for the novel suggested by my friend. I got up after a half an hour and sat down at the computer and put the beginning of an outline down on paper. Then I started on the first draft. I don't have any particular way I write. I just do what feels right for me. Today, I felt like giving the story a beginning. There have been a lot of time when I've started off like that the story just seems to flow from Someone other that myself. Swept the floors, then started dinner. Beth home and we eat and talk. She hits the shower. Later ~

Up and off to morning meeting as usual. Afterward, I drove home to girls and my computer. Got an e-mail reply from an old school mate of mine, Timothy Hallinan, who is a mystery writer. He gave me a good suggestion for a book. I asked him if I could steal it and he returned my e-mail very soon and said go for it. In the mean time I drove to Eisenhower Hospital's Luci Curci Building and got a shot for my anemia, then to the orthopedic building where I was given an epidural for my back pain. I was allowed to drive home and when I got there it was down for a quick nap. So quick, in fact I never slept. All I did was keep thinking of ideas of what the story would be for the novel suggested by my friend. I got up after a half an hour and sat down at the computer and put the beginning of an outline down on paper. Then I started on the first draft. I don't have any particular way I write. I just do what feels right for me. Today, I felt like giving the story a beginning. There have been a lot of time when I've started off like that the story just seems to flow from Someone other that myself. Swept the floors, then started dinner. Beth home and we eat and talk. She hits the shower. Later ~

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yesterday, Jan. 9th, I drove into L.A. and on to Thousand Oaks, where I checked into Best Western, took my nap, got up, had dinner, got ready, then drove next door to the Thousand Oaks Borders Book store where I gave a talk about my book, "Nickel-Played Dream," and my life in and around the motion picture business. It was a good crowd, and my talk went semi-well (I have trouble keeping my train of thought, caused by the stroke I suffered 22-years ago). Setting aside my self-criticism, I got a some good questions after the talk which helped my ego somewhat. The audience seemed very interested in what I had to say. I met a lot of nice people, signed a few books, then drove back 100 yards to the hotel.
Woke up this morning to dreary skies (something I'm not used to, living in the desert like I do), had breakfast, then took off about 8:30. Traffic was great - I missed the morning commute. Home at 11:00 a.m. Called Beth, then unpacked and checked messages. Quick lunch then nap. Up and feed girls. Writing here now and later, I'll pick up some pizza and meet Beth at her employers' home as she's picking up their pilot this evening. Then we'll eat, of course, and I'll come home and hit the sack. ~

Monday, January 08, 2007

Took the Expedition to the Ford dealer after the meeting so they could put on all new tires. Beth made a call last week at her employer's suggestion and the Ford rep said he'd not only give us four new tires, but wheels also. This gave me time to finish up my Bat Masterson essay and send it out to my friends. I'm getting some very good feedback on the piece. Usual lunch and completely forgot to turn on Western Channel because I wanted to get back to work on the essay. Beth took me back to ford to pick up the Explorer around five. We both drove home and I cooked a quick meal. Beth is now talking to our friend Barbara from up north. Here husband, Bruce, passed away over the Christmas Holidays and we haven't known about it until now. Beth'll be off the phone soon and maybe we can talk some then. Later ~

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The majority of today was devoted to Eddie Kaplan. We did our monthly breakfast at the ABC Recovery Center. Then we checked on Beth's employers' motorhome. And after sprucing up some, headed over to Eddie's house in Palm Desert to join his widow, Patti, daughters Robbin and Missy, plus a huge crowd of Eddies friends - some from the desert, some from the beach, others from the LA music scene, and his friends of Bill W. friends like Beth and me - for a fond farewell memorial service. Eddie was Jewish so a Rabbi performed the ceremony. Not really a ceremony, but a mixture of stories and prayers, and even a song recorded by Eddie's brother that captured Eddie to perfection. I had a few tears to wipe away after that song was played. Eddie was a musician; he worked on the Sunset Strip at The Whisky (a-go-go) when I lived on Larrabee and later on Doheny. We never met then, but we could have bumped into each other and never known it. Afterward there was food and conversation. God Bless You Eddie. Later ~

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I did some running around today after the meeting and grocery shopping. I picked up the paint I forgot to get yesterday, then drove to Sam's Club for stuff for her, then I picked up hot dogs and took them home for lunch for the two of us. She off to hair appointment - I take her car to car wash, gas it up, then get dog food. I write a little on the Bat Masterson essay then down for nap. She home while I sleep then she off to toe appointment. Up and feed dogs. Write some more and wait for her. She home, we eat, then watch CSI recording. She to her place of emolument and I write here. Later ~

Friday, January 05, 2007

Drove over to Beth's employers' motor-home in Indio after the meeting and stayed with the carpet cleaners while they did the carpets. Stopped at a paint store on the way home and bought two brushes. I forgot to look at the other side of her note and didn't pick up the paint she wanted me to get, so I'll do that tomorrow. Home and make appointments for next week - tires, epidermal injection, and back bumper repair. Worked some on my Bat Masterson essay and forgot completely about a luncheon date I'd made. Then I went down for my nap early. Up and fed the girls. Talked to Tom Snow, then put out the trash for tomorrow's pickup. Beth called and asked me to do her a favor, so I drove up to Pavilian's and picked up some Panda Express then took it to Beth's place of employment. She had been to the Bermuda Dunes airport to pick up her employers' pilot while I was getting our food. We all had dinner together in the kitchen, then I drove home. Called her to let her know I was home, then sat down here. Bet you I'll be asleep within the next half hour. Later ~

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Before I got home after the meeting, I stopped to get an estimate on what it will cost to fix the dent in the bumper of our Expedition that I got yesterday while trying to back into a parking place. Once home, I talked to Beth on the phone, then continued working on my Bat Masterson essay for the Behind the Scenes book. Around 10:45 I headed over to Beth's place of employment to help her employers' parents learn houw to shut off the television. Saw her for a brief moment, then off to Indio and lunch with my conservative friends at our monthly Roundtable discussion group. Afterwards, I drove home, and after checking e-mail, talking to Tom, and feeding the girls, I took an hour-long nap. Got up and immediately got a call from my friend Ross Salamone, who's in Florida for his brother's funeral. Turned on O'Riley and started cooking. Beth got home and we talked about our day while having dinner. Now we're in the office on our computers. I'm sure it'll be another early-to-bed night. Later ~

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Today was Beth's 25th year sober birthday, and we celebrated at our morning meeting. I gave her her cake. Afterward, I drove home to e-mails, paper, and snack. Started on another essay for my Behind the Scenes collection, which I hope will one day be a book. This one is about the time I met Gene Barry, in an unusual way, during the fillming of the Bat Masterson TV pilot. Light lunch watching a Gene Autry Columbia Western on the Western channel. Just a wink of a nap in a livingroom chair, then fed girls early so I could drive to the Luci Curci Center for a shot to build up my blood count (I sometimes suffer from anemia). Then on to my back-pain doctor where he read my recent MRI and suggested that I get an epidermal injection. They will call me with an appointment. Finally home and wait for Beth. Her employers were flying out and she called and said she'd be a little late. I cooked and made a salad for myself, then she arrived and we had dinner together. Now she's getting ready to depart, as she'll be staying with the animals until they return. Later ~

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I did my first of the month blood draw this morning. Outta' there by 7:05, stop to pick up a birthday card and home. Turned on the Gerald Ford National Funeral Coverage on Fox News(recorded it for her to watch later). Spent some time at the computer - e-mailed my friend Ross who's in Florida because his younger brother passed away a day ago from a massive heart attack. Beth called and asked me to run out and pick up something for her, then I ran it over to her at her place of employment. Home for lunch and a Charles Starrett Western on the Western Channel. Nap. Up and fed girls. More Westerns on Western Channel, a Bob Steele and a Don "Red" Barry. She home late and cook and we eat. She's catching up by reading today's paper while I write here. It'll be bed early again tonight. Later ~

Monday, January 01, 2007

We were awakened at midnight by one scared as hell dog. Crystal, our older girl, was scared to death by the fire crackers, and/or gunshots, ringing in the New Year. She tucked herself in between Beth and me and shook, and shook, and shook. I guess I finally dozed off, because when I woke up again Crystal was gone. Misty, our other girl, wasn't phased a bit my the loud noises outside. As a matter of fact, she slept through all the booms.
Later, I awoke earlier than usual but got up anyway. We did the morning meeting and raced home after to watch the Rose Parade. Beth's brother called. Met my sister Sharon and her hubby Bill at Babe's for lunch. The women brought each other up to date, then we headed home to watch the Rose Bowl. I fell asleep during the first half, but was up to feed the girls by three. Beth putzed around cleaning then we ate as the game ended. Now we're in the office, taking and fooling with our computers. I suppose we'll hit the sack early again. Later ~