Scribblings From the Desert

I am a published author and produced screenwriter living in Rancho Mirage, California with my wife, Beth, and two dogs, Crystal and Misty. I have spent most of my life in and around the Hollywood Motion Picture Business.

Location: Rancho Mirage, California, United States

Friday, November 30, 2007

My wife, Beth

RAIN ALL DAY - Home after meeting, snack and check e-mails; then over to Beth's place of employment and we do two trips to airport taking Geo and Van. My windshield wiper broke so take it to Tony on corner and he fixes it. Home and lunch with some TV. Down for nap. Up and feed girls. Out to pick up food for tomorrow and gas up. Home again and work at computer. Beth home and we eat. then we watch recording of NCIS. to office and make Xerox copies for Bob and Eva. Later ~

Thursday, November 29, 2007

George's organ is now our organ

To College of the Desert after meeting to meet with mark Rizzo on manuscript - he will edit. On to Dr. Williams for eye appointment. I've been having trouble with blurry and double vision in left eye. He'll preform laser surgery next week. Home, then to Mimi's and meet harry baddely, Tom Snow, tom Gillman, George Widman and Norman Foster for lunch. Home for ice cream then down for nap. Up and feed girls. Sweep. To office and re-read manuscript tor errors. Beth home and talk. I to pick up pizza. Bob and Eva over for dinner and to talk about George's Trust, They leave, and we get ready for bed. Later ~

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nick Adams as The Rebel (nothing to do with today's post)

Stop at Office Depot after meeting to Xerox for Beth; then to pharmacy to pick up prescription for me. By Beth's place of employment to say "hi". Home and snack and check e-mail. Putzing around when I get call from Bobby Hoy regarding someone who has been claiming to be a legitimate stuntman. He asks me to check out the guy. E-mail Jack McElroy and Wally VanAllen. Call Rudy Robbins. Email from Boyd Magers regarding same thing. Then finally call Jerry Vance in Oklahoma. Problem is solved; so I call Bob Hoy and give him the scoop. Lunch with Western Channel. Down for nap with George's sound machine -rain - to get to sleep. Worked nicely. Up and feed girls. Sweep. Pack a box with the George pics we're saving and take it to shed. Back to office and work on Prologue for new book. Beth home and we eat. She watching recording of "Dancing with the Stars," then she's off to one of her meetings. I'll just watch some TV. Later ~

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

George & Bette Wedding - July, 1950 - Bobby and I were ring bearers

To Hall for chores and meeting before the meeting; then to Eisenhower for a blood draw. On to Sherry's for my haircut. Home and fix a big breakfast, as I was fasting for the blood draw. Into office and check e-mail, then down to sorting and tossing George's pictures. Find more behind the scenes shots - I'm in heaven. Stop for Western movie at lunch time, but no lunch because I ate breakfast so late. Down for nap. Up and feed girls. Back to office and continue with pics, and finally finish at 4:00 or so. Beth home and we eat. Into office where she has some George-related stuff to go through and shred. I think we'll watch some recorded TV - Miami CSI. later ~

Monday, November 26, 2007

Uncle George (L) in 1945 - with family members

Grocery shopping after meeting; then home and unload and put away. Snack and e-mail, then dive into old George picture box and separate and toss tons of old photos. Switch from air conditioning to heat. Break for lunch - call Beth, then eat while watching old western on Western Channel. Down for nap. Up and feed girls. Back to work sorting and tossing. Beth home from work and I cook and we eat. Sue calls, then back to office and more sort - she joins me for shredding of George documents. This could go on all night, but it won't. Later ~

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Uncle George (L) with Jayne Meadows, Steve Allen, and director/writer. Albert Zugsmith on set of "College Confidential

It's getting colder day by day.
Sleep in day - and boy did I sleep in. She up at 4:30 and off to Hall. I up two hours later. Shower and dress then eat breakfast with Sunday paper. Trim beard. Beth home and we unload Expedition. Sort and put stuff away - all photos to office. I star going through photos while she vacuums and mops floors. Stop for lunch. More with photos, th=en get ready and we to the McCallum Theater to see "Broadway" show - all music, Home and she does my polls while I go through more photos. We eat dinner. Back to office. Suppose we'll figure out something to do or watch. Later ~

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Some of the stuff for Salvation Army

To Hall only to do chores; then home and get ready and off to Glendale. Arrive in two hours/Bob and Eva already there. Eva and Beth continue on kitchen while Bob and I scatter George's ashes beside his house. Inside with girls and say a few kind word about George. Eric and Susan there with pickup truck. They load king size bed, then help us put out bags and boxes for the Salvation Army to pick up next week. Eric and Susan leave; and the four of us eat; then continue packing books. sorting through more stuff and reading George's last driver's test results. We close gates and put up a sign for the Salvation Army; then we all leave. Drive home in two hours. Home and we eat and talk before juggling cars and closing shop for the night. She showers while I get ready for bed and write here. Later ~

Friday, November 23, 2007

With Joel Peters

After meeting, I drive to her place of employment and load cardboard boxes into Expedition. Gas up on way home, then home. Beth right behind me. She decides to rearrange the white shed where we keep Christmas decorations and lights. I work on computer and help her sporadically. Lunch with Beth. She off for a nail appointment. I down for nap. Up in 2 1/2 hours and she is back. I feed girls. To post office to mail something then to pick up a couple of sandwiches for tomorrow. Home and we watch CSI Las Vegas which we recorded last night. Joel peters is on his way with painting we bought last week. Then we'll eat and more than likely watch a recording of Without a Trace. Later ~

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Home after meeting and check e-mail, then down for nap. Up 11:30 (2 1/2 hours). Football; computer; feed girls. Drive to Hall at 1:45 ans have Thanksgiving Dinner with Beth, Tom Snow, and many other friends in the program. Clean up and off to Indio to drop leftovers at ABC Recovery Center. Drive back to Hall and pickup her car, then home. While I write here, she showers/ We'll probably have some dessert then TV. Later ~

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ed Mohler came by to visit

Home after meeting and check e-mail. Ed Mohler calls; he's coming over. Work on learning about new publishing program. Ed here and we talk then watch latest 3:10 to Yuma DVD. To lunch at Mexican place in old Albertson's strip mall. Home and I show him computer version of my behind the scenes book. Feed girls. Brother Bob and Eva by to pick up several death certificates. Ed leaves at 3:15 to drive back to Riverside. Sweep. Computer and catch up on things. Beth home and we eat. She shower and I write here. We plan on watching NCIS recorded last night. Later ~

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A.J. Fenady

Home after meeting and check e-mail. Watch Fenady's first movie, "Stakeout on Dope Street." Pretty good for a 1950s cheapo. It got AJ a little more recognition back then (his next was "The Rebel" TV series). To Best Buy and purchase a publishing program compatible with Vista. Beth calls and everything is ready at Forest Lawn. Drive to FL and pick up George's ashes and death certificates. Home and eat while watching Roy Rogers' show on Golden Boot Channel. Down for nap. Up and feed girls. Open mail. To office and install new program - PintMaster Platinum. Beth home and we eat, After we both to office. We'll watch a CSI Miami recording in a bit. Later ~

Monday, November 19, 2007

Both of our girls came from OPO

Grocery shopping after meeting; gas up; then home to unload. Check e-mails. Call Mark Rizzo at COD then drive over to college and meet him, He teaches Microsoft Word and is helping me with the numbering. He's called away so I leave and drive home. Call Ed Mohler who's in Riverside. Discuss his coming down for Thanksgiving at Hall with us. Talk Beth. Drive out to Orphan Pet Oasis (OPO) and drop blankets. By Beth's place of employment and lunch with her. Home and down for nap. Up and feed girls. Call Ed's wife's cell phone and she says he'll call back in a while. Computer and check E-bay for prices on some objects from George's. Beth home and we eat. Both of us to office. Later ~

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Uncle George during WW II

Sleep in day - for me. Beth up early and to Hall. I up and shower and dress. Breakfast and paper. Beth home and I start in on vacuuming house. When I finish, she mops floors. I fix and we eat lunch. Guy from across the street by and we sign petition against a neighbor who is building a two-story ad-on. Bobby and Eva by and we split up - Bob and I go over George's coin collection, while Eva and Beth discuss some of his investments. Fed girls at three. When they leave, I send some e-mails then start dinner. We eat; then we to office. Bed early, more than likely. Later ~

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My brother, Bob and I at Uncle George's

To Hall and do chores; talk to guys; leave 7:00 - Beth by Edie's, I gas up and home. Beth home and we leave for Glendale 7:20. arrive in two hours and dive into she in kitchen, I in George's bedroom. Bob and Eva arrive and dive in with us. Lunch along the way; clean out more than half the kitchen, and bag nearly all George's clothes. Head home at 3:00 pm. Home in two hours. Unload Ford. Dinner; write here while she showers. We'll watch TV recording of "Without a Trace," then bed. Later ~

Friday, November 16, 2007

My old Corriganville fight partner, Ed Mohler

Stop at Office Depot after meeting to Xerox meeting schedules. Home and snack and check e-mails. To get my signature notarized; then by Beth's place of employment and on to pick up dog food and to post office and on home. Work on back cover and send to Rod T. Lunch with Golden Buckle Net - Roy Rogers Show. Down for nap. Up and feed girls. More work in office. Gall guy Tom G. recommended to help on Word project. Talk Ed Mohler - he's in area for his mother-in-law's funeral. Talk brother Bob. Fix dinner. Wait for Beth to get home from Hair appointment. Plan to eat and watch TV recording of CSI Las Vegas. Later ~

Thursday, November 15, 2007

10-years Together as Man and Wife (Bad Picture)

To Hall for chores and say "Hi," then meet Beth at Edie's and follow her to mechanic with Edie's car. Drive her to work; then I home. Work on table of contents, chapter titles. Pick her up an her work and take her back to mechanic to pick up Edie's car. Lunch with Golden Buckle Network on computer "The Gatling Gun." A show Uncle George did in 1973. Down for nap. Up and feed girls. Drive to north Cat City to pick up flags we bought last weekend but no one there. Drive back in traffic. Work some more on book. Send a pass note on R.J.'s friend's script to novel. Beth home and we talk. I to pick up anniversary dinner at Papa Dan's. Home and we eat by candlelight. To office and work on Trustee stuff for Uncle George's Estate. Later ~

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Three Mesquiteers
Max Terhune, Robert Livingston,
Ray "Crash" Corrigan

Change out cars; then by Edie's after meeting to meet bug man. By Beth's place of employment to drop something off; then home for check e-mail and off to Vet with both girls for their bi-annual dentist visit. Leave them and home. Work on computer, At lunch watch "Riders of the Whistling Skull," a Three Mesquiteers Republic Western filmed near here in Painted Canyon in Thermal. Talk Beth; then down for nap. Up and call Beth; then to pick up girls and bring them home. Eric from meeting by to replace our flag light on porch roof (I can't do it any more). Work at computer. Beth home and I out to help garage the cars. Dinner, then to office. We are supposed to watch a recorded TV program tonight. Later ~

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

Garage door malfunctions. To Hall and do some chores; then home. Use Ford to block broken door. Nap - Beth calls. Up and computer - then to bank. Home and continue proofing manuscript. Guy by and fixes grage door. Lunch watching Roy Rogers on Golden Buckle Network online - Bells of San Angelo. Down for nap. Up and feed girls. Sweep. More proofing. Bob Ingram by. Beth home and we eat. Both to office and Xerox George documents. Now I think we'll watch a recorded show on TV. Later ~

Monday, November 12, 2007

Flag Display in Cathedral City

Grocery shopping after meeting then home. Put stuff away and check e-mail. Off to Cathedral City park and take pics of flags. Call Beth and meet her at Sam's Club. Shop for Hall. I home and TV and eat. Down for nap. Up and feed girls. To office and work on book. Beth home and we eat. After dinner, we to office and she calls Medicare to check on insurance. I work at my computer while she talks. After we might watch TV then she'll watch Dancing with the Stars while I go to sleep. ~

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Antique train set we picked up at George's yesterday

Sleep in day for me. Beth up and to Hall. I finally up and shower and dress. Paper and breakfast. To Sav-on and pick up prescriptions. Home. Beth hone then we drive out to Orphan Pet Oasis to drop off blankets we salvaged from George's. Home and we have lunch. I down for nap while she does my pill boxes. She fed girls. We decide to drive to Cat City and see flag display for Veteran's Day. Home and have Papa Dan's pizza. Office, she shower. TV recording of last week's CSI Miami. Later ~

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Uncle George's "unique" kitchen

To Hall and do chores. Hi to all and home, Take off for Burbank and stop at St. Joe's and health care place - then on to Glendale and Uncle George's house. Beth starts in on cleaning up the bathrooms. Brother Bob and Eva arrive and dive in, cleaning and sorting though George's stuff. Beth and I eat - they had late breakfast. Finish up around three o'clock and we hit the road back to the desert. Hi to girls; then go through some of the stuff we brought home. Ice cream with Beth and girls. View some photos Shannon sent. Later ~

Friday, November 09, 2007

Joel Peters - Manager of Leather Plus

By post office after meeting and mail something for Beth. Gas up her car, then home. Work for a minute on checking e-mails then take girls to groomer. Home and back to work on cover. Damon's guys here and remove furniture and refresh tiles. I lunch in office. They back and replace furniture and leave. I down for nap. U; and go pick up girls. Feed them and Beth calls. meet her at her place of employment and we to Leather Plus for an art showing. Buy a piece. Eat and talk to Joel and all. Home and we watch TV recording of CSI and Without a Trace combination. Get ready for bed. Later ~

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Silent Western Star, William S. Hart

Home after meeting then snack and dive into trying to number manuscript. Problems, and exchange e-mails with Jerry several times. To lunch with the guys at Baker's Square. Home and down for nap. Up and feed girls. Back to computer and continue working on numbering. Beth home and we eat. Brother Bob calls. Make him some directions to George's house and e-mail them. To office, write here. Beth and I now plan on some recorded TV shows. Later ~

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

That's my brother, Bobby, on the right

Home after meeting and check e-mail with a snack. Respond to e-mails from Rod and Jerry regarding book. Spend morning at bank and picking up Edie's mail. Work on trying to get page numbers installed. Stop for lunch and TV. Down for nap. Up and feed girls. sweep. work some more on page numbering with no luck, E-mail Jerry for hep. Talk Tom Snow. Fax comes in on from George's attorney describing his Trust. Beth home. We eat; then she calls Shannon. I call Bobby, my brother, to tell him about Trust. He and his wife, Eva, are coming by to pick up their copy. We may watch TV in a while. Later ~

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sample cover for my new book

To Ace Hardware and but battery for flashlight. Get haircut. Home and work on book cover. Meet Beth and we to Forest Lawn here in desert to make arrangements for George at Glendale Forest Lawn. To Wal-Mart with Beth and buy here new printer. Drop her off at work and I home. Mail, eat,and feed girls. Down for nap. Up - Paul Isenhower from North Carolina calls. Sweep. Set up Beth's printer. Still working on cover with Rod Timanus. Beth home and we eat. She calls George's friend, Stella. She to Alumni Meeting at ABC. I work on cover with Rod in Arizona. Come up with color one. Later ~

Monday, November 05, 2007

Last Picture Taken of Uncle George (with pizza)

To Hall and do chores, see some friends. Leave before meeting. Lab draw at 7:00 a.m. Grocery shopping, then home and put away. To credit union then bank Call Bobby to tell him about George and leave message with Eva. Call Beth; pick her up and we to Bermuda Dunes airport to pick up Tracker. I home and send out obits for George - Variety; Reporter; Daily News. Make lunch and watch end of "Tell Them Willie Boy is Here." Down for nap. Up and feed girls. Mail. CD from Jerry. Back to office and continue working on BTS Cover in Photo Shop. Bobby calls and we talk about Uncle George's passing. Continue to work. Beth home and we eat. Script Supervisor's Business Agt. calls. Call a guy who was trying to get in touch with George - turns out his one time girl friend, June Samson, passed away yesterday, also. Beth and I to office. Beth to shower. Later~

OBITUARY - George A. Rutter

George A. Rutter (91) – veteran script supervisor and former business agent for Script Supervisors Local 871, passed away on November 4, 2007 at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank. He had been hospitalized since June of this year and died from an ongoing infection. Born on August 18, 1916 in Glendale, California, George served his country during WW II as a member of the 376th Heavy Bomber Group. In the 1950s, he worked for Gene Autry’s Flying-A Productions, carrying script on Annie Oakley and the Buffalo Bill. Jr TV shows. Other series he worked on during the same period were Fury; The Roy Rogers Show; and Lassie. He was also on board for Gene Autry’s final feature film, Last of the Pony Riders. In the 1960s, he worked with Audie Murphy, George Montgomery, Cameron Mitchell and Sterling Hayden on a number of westerns, as well as TVs Branded, produced by Andrew J. Fenady and starring Chuck Connors. In addition he was script supervisor on the original Star Trek; Bonanza; and The FBI TV series’. During the 1970s, he served as his union’s business representative; and eventually concluded his career in the 1980s with Remington Steele, and Ed Asner’s Lou Grant series. George was married at one time to Bette (Moon) Rutter, David Begelman’s secretary at Columbia Pictures; they had remained friends until her death in 2001. George is survived by his nephews, Robert Lodge, of Palm Desert, CA; and Stephen Lodge, a former costumer and screenwriter, now living in Rancho Mirage. No services are pending at this time. Donations in George’s name may be made to the Motion Picture and Television Fund.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Our friend Bill White

Changed clocks at midnight - Fall Back. Beth up early and off to Hall. I up 5:30 and shower and dress. Eat a lite pre-breakfast while reading Sunday Paper. Beth home and we take off. We stop at her place of employment and say good bye to Chad the pilot. Then on to ABC Recovery for monthly alumni breakfast. Sit with bill and Sunny white, as usual. After, stop and pick up mail at Edie's. Home and I down for early nap. Up at 2:00 p.m. - she's fed girls. I to office while she has Maad Dog Daze steering committee in dining room. Call about Uncle George -he's hanging in. I work on tightening up manuscript and on cover. When everyone leaves, I off to pick up Pizza, the home and we eat. I to office while she showers. Later ~ UPDATE: Phone call at 9:15 p.m. - My Uncle, George A. Rutter, passed away at approxmately 8:45,

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Our Uncle George Rutter ~

Gas up on way home after meeting then Beth and I drive to Glendale and Burbank. Sit with Uncle George for a few hours; then head on home. Harry calls from Hawaii. Stop for tostadas. Home and eat. Both of us to office and work. Maybe some TV. Later ~

Friday, November 02, 2007

Cover Shot for New Book

Start in on opening e-mail when I get home from meeting. Info from Jerry as to how to continue formatting the book layout. e-mail from Rod with suggested cover design. Out to get Beth and take her to Ramona Tire to pick up the Tracker. Home and back to work on cover. Stop for lunch and some TV - click around. Down for nap. Up and feed girls. Back to work on cover and spend the rest of the afternoon on that project. Beth home and we eat. Uncle George is slowly fading but comfortable. Jim Farrell is going home with Hospice. Back to computer and send Rod a sample of what I did this afternoon. Beth doing some chores, then we plan on watching a recording of CSI from last night. Later ~

Thursday, November 01, 2007

David Janssen on The Fugitive set

Home after meeting and check e-mail - no snack. Start in on pulling up chapters into ready for publishing. Have a few problems and e-mail Jerry. Drive to Indio for monthly Conservative Round Table at Chinese restaurant. Eight of us discuss the upcoming elections and the world's problems. Home and feed girls. Call Beth, then down for nap. Up and sweep floors. Talk Beth - Uncle George is in holding pattern at St, Josephs. To computer and work some more on BTS. Beth home and we eat. Both to office. Call St. Josephs. Now we'll watch some TV recordings. Later ~