Scribblings From the Desert

I am a published author and produced screenwriter living in Rancho Mirage, California with my wife, Beth, and two dogs, Crystal and Misty. I have spent most of my life in and around the Hollywood Motion Picture Business.

Location: Rancho Mirage, California, United States

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Our good friends, Ormly and Edie Gumfudgen (Stan and Edie Locke) are here for the New Years celebration and we met them for brunch today at Mimi's, a local restaurant here in Rancho Mirage. Stan used to be Beth's boss at JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab), and he is responsible for my joining Western Writers of America. We usually see them at WWA conventions, and at Thanksgiving and New Years. Came home after and I took my nap. Up and fed girls then spent some time taking down the Christmas decorations. Beth made a batch of enchiladas and we took then to her employers' as a New years gift. Beth likes cooking for people. Now we're home and are about to sit down for some enchiladas of our own. Then we'll watch the New York feed for an early celebration. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Same ol', same ol' ~ Meeting, shop, home, paper, computer, lunch, nap. And then, when I got up, Beth and I watched the State funeral activities for President Gerald Ford for the rest of the afternoon. We just finished dinner and now I think we will watch one of the DVD screeners I get because of my WGA membership. Later ~

Friday, December 29, 2006

Addendum: After the meeting today, I drove home and she went to work. Around 9:30, I drove over to her place of employment and unloaded the supplies I bought at Sam's club for Beth yesterday. Then to Best Buy and purchase a new Sony DVD/Video player. Home and install the thing. We have this huge entertainment center and it is heavier than hell. It took me almost an hour and a half to remove the old DVD player and Video player - separate units - and replace them with the new unit. Most of the problem was moving the "heavier than hell" portion of the entertainment center the wide screen TV sits on. Then I had to use mirrors and a lot of ingenuity to get it all together. Lunch with Rocky Lane in an old Republic Western on the Western Channel, Nap with the girls and feed them when I get up. Spent some time on the computer in the afternoon. She home and we eat. Talked to some friends who are down here to celebrate the New Year. We will meet them for lunch on Sunday. Both to office. Later ~

We were invited to pizza dinner at one of Beth's employer's daughter's homes last night. The whole family was there and it was an enjoyable evening. Everyone had a good time.
Yesterday, after the meeting, I drove home, checked e-mail and messages then into Palm Desert for a haircut. After that I drove up to Sam's Club and did some shopping. Home and lunch with Bill Elliott in an old Republic Western, Nap. Fed the girls and putzed around until Beth got home and we went out to dinner. Later ~

Thursday, December 28, 2006

We're going out to dinner tonight, so if I don't get back here later, I'll fill you in tomorrow. Later ~

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

President Gerald Ford passed away last night. If you are a resident of Rancho Mirage as I have been for nearly 25 years, you have, more than likely, seen him and his wife Betty. I ran into him around a year ago. I was leaving my doctor's office on the third floor of one of the medical buildings on the Eisenhower Hospital campus, and when I got to the elevator there was another man waiting there for the doors to open. I noticed the little curly-que cord behind his ear and immediately recognized the fact he was secret service. When the doors opened, the guy asked if I'd step back (I did), and he motioned to someone down the hall. I turned to see another secret service guy pushing a man in a wheelchair out of a doctor's private office, then moving toward me. We all got onto the elevator together - Me, the two secret service guys, and the man in the wheelchair. Of course, the man was Gerald Ford. We rode in silence to the ground floor and they left before I did. Outside, I watched as they put him in a car and drove off. The Fords only lived less than a mile from Eisenhower Hospital.
My day started with an MRI for my bad back. Some quick shopping for some greeting cards, then home. Spent the rest of the morning copying a video to a DVD. Then lunch with Gene Autry on the Western Channel. Usual stuff in the PM and she got home around 5:30. Dinner, some talk, then in here to write here. Later ~

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Colds are a bitch! Runny nose, weeping eyes, a lot of Kleenex. I stayed in bed this morning and she went to the meeting. Finally up around 6:00 - fixed breakfast, finally got dressed. Read paper, then went to pet store to pick up cat litter for Beth's employers'. Stopped by Office Depot for some paper and an ink cartridge then home. Copied a couple of tapes to DVD and putzed on computer. Lunch with Bob Steele Western on the Western Channel. Napped for an hour and a half. Up and fed girls. Talked Tom Snow, Sent some e-mails. Cooked Beth's lunch for the next three days. She home and we eat. Talk for a long time around the table; put out trash; then to office with her. Exciting day, no? Later

Monday, December 25, 2006

The cold is here - all of it. Runny eyes, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, etc. Proving, no matter what you do to prevent getting one, you still get them. I'm pretty sure who I got this little bugger from - a girl who sat next to me at the morning meeting who was hacking and shorting for several days. I even moved away from her on the third day, but alas, it was too late by then.
Christmas morning was nice. Beth went to the meeting alone while I stayed in bed with my sniffles. When she came home, we opened presents - she got a battery operated drill and tool kit from me, a beautiful tray from her employers, and I got a $25.00 Best Buy Card and a Tape to DVD recorder. Dogs loved the unwrapping bit. We had a snack to keep us going until we drove down to Indio and the ABC Recovery Center for Christmas dinner. After, we drove home and I dove into bed for a long winter's nap - nose running continuously. Got up around 6:00 and we talked for a long time then she headed off to the shower while I wrote here. Later ~

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Feels like a cold coming on. But it's coming on so slow I'm still not sure what it is. Beth had to work today. I stayed around, read the paper, watched TV, and played around on the computer. Took a long nap. She home, fed girls. We talked and she read paper. Quick dinner and off to Christmas eve services at Southwest Community Church. Home, write here and bed. Later ~

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Did the weekly shopping after the Bill W. meeting, then spent the rest of the morning composing a query letter to an agent regarding my manuscript titled "Whiskey Tears," aka "Jubal-lee and the Good Ol' Boys!" Out to mail the letter and back for lunch. Took a quick nap on the living room chair because Beth was only working half a day today, and I didn't want to be sacked out in bed when she came home. When she did come home, I went ahead and fed the girls, showed her a copy of the letter, then headed back to the computer for more writing. We had dinner and now we're both in the office. Later ~

Friday, December 22, 2006

Back in my Hollywood days, everything would always slow down during the Christmas Holidays. Absolutely no executives and/or big shots could be found in their offices; just the work-a-bees and movie crews put in their daily hours. On occasion, when Christmas fell during the week, we would work until very late on Christmas Eve - which was a bitch when I was expected to be in at my parents house in Palm springs the next morning. Anyway, I've recently found out where all those executives and big shots go during the Christmas Holidays. They head for the desert - Palm Springs, and the surrounding areas (where I live now). Driving to meet some friends for lunch today on Bob Hope Drive was like the 101 freeway at rush hour.
Anyway, after the meeting I spent the morning at my computer working an a few projects. Then there was lunch with the guys where we talked about Las Vegas and who we all knew who had died this year. Headed home for my nap. Fed the girls and went back to the computer. Worked on a query letter for the rest of the afternoon until she got home. Dinner and TV - except all the shows we had recorded were reruns. So now it's off to bed early. Later ~

Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's colder than a witches hat. Since Beth had to get a vehicle to the airport early, we only went to the meeting before the meeting today. Patti Kaplan, Eddie's widow, and their daughter, Robbin, showed up and we were able to pay our respects in person. There will be a memorial service for Eddie soon. After we did the airport, I dropped her off and headed home. I snacked, read the paper, then wrapped her Christmas present and put it by the tree. Then I went to the bank for her and on shopping for cologne for me - no luck. Got a Christmas card for her and home. Lunch and a little TV. Nap. Up and fed the girls. Tom Snow called. Worked some on "The Big Hushup!" until she came home. Fixed dinner. Now we're both here in the office at our computers. We'll probably hit the sack early; she's very tired.
Later ~

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New tire is on and car is back to normal. After the meeting this morning, I followed Beth to her place of employment where she picked up one of her employers' vehicles (the one used by the pilot). I then followed her out to the Bermuda Dunes airport where she'd been told to leave it. A late flag on the play had us pulling a u-turn and heading back home. They won't need the pilot's vehicle as he's going to pull a turnaround himself and fly back east so he can be with his family for Christmas. We'll drop off the other vehicle tomorrow morning.
Beth followed me to the tire place and I dropped my car, then she took me home and she went back to work. I worked on the computer some, read the paper, listened to Rush Limbaugh, and snacked. Later on had a small lunch while I watched a Gene Autry Columbia Western on The Western Channel. Took my nap on the couch because I knew if I went to bed they would call to tell me the car was ready. And because I figured they would, they didn't. Up and fed the girls. Back to computer and send out some of the pictures I took on Monday at the Christmas Party. She home and I fix her a quick meal so she can go to the women's jail in Banning where she and some other friends of Bill W. take a meeting Wednesday nights. Now I'm here with the girls alone again tapping away at the keyboard. Oh yeah, one of our good friends, Eddie Kaplan, passed away last night - presumably from a heart attack. More about that after I know more. Later ~

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The new tire arrived today but they're still waiting for the tire company to fax a compensation form. I will be able to get the tire put on tomorrow (I hope).
Started today off as usual with meeting. Afterwards I picked up the meeting phone lists from Office Depot, then drove home. Spent the morning stuffing and addressing cards for our meeting friends, then I drove over to the Eisenhower campus for an eye exam. After testing, the doctor told me my eyes have improved quite a bit since my lens replacement operation a year or so ago. He said my eyesight is now good enough to drive without glasses. He gave me a new lens prescription but advised me not to fill it until I have my next driver's license exam. He said I should be able to pass it with flying colors.
I went over to Lowes to by a Christmas present for Beth. I won't say what it is because she may read this blog, but it's something she's been hoping for for a long, long time. Picked up a hot dog and drove home. Ate in front of TV watching an old Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes Republic Western. Checked e-mail then took a nap. Up and fed girls. Corrected (by hand) a mistake I made on 100 copies of the meeting phone list. Cleaned up a bit then came in here. Beth's getting a manicure and pedicure then she'll be home. We'll probably watch a recorded TV show after dinner. Later ~

Monday, December 18, 2006

Today's big deal was trying to get my tire fixed. After the morning meeting I went by Ramona Tire, our usual vendor for tires and mechanical needs. I ordered a tire but was told I should contact the tire maker to see how the warranty works because Ford's bumper to bumper says it doesn't honor tires. I talked to a guy from Continental Tire and he gave me a reference number which I then gave to Ramona Tire. For the rest of the day, I mostly putzed on the computer and napped at the usual time. Tonight is the ABC Recovery Center's Annual Christmas Party. Tom Gillman, a good friend, will be taking me down to Indio where I'll meet beth at the party then come home with her. Whe I ocme home, it'll be too late to tell you what happened, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. Later ~

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Slept in until 6:30. Breakfast and paper. We off at 10:30 for Orange and sister Sharon's annual Christmas party. Right rear tire blew passing Banning. We were doing around 80 mph in the fast lane and we were blessed there wasn't much traffic behind us. I was able to pull across all lanes and finally stop on an off ramp (22nd Street) where we called AAA. Took about twenty-five minutes for him to get there and another twenty or so to change the tire. All that was left of the rubber was a couple of inches around the rim. Called Sharon and Bill in Orange and decided not to go all that way without a spare. Had a quick taco then we drove back home, stopping at Cingular so Beth could get her cell phone fixed. Home and she cleans while I do some work at the computer. She off to feed her employers' animals and I take pics of tire and feed our girls. She home and we eat. Then we watch TV recording. Later ~

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Day started off like most Saturdays - meeting, shopping, etc. She had some shopping of her own to do so we were apart all morning. I went out and bought two doormats, one for front, one for the back. She home and I fix us some chips with cheese for lunch. I talked to my producer friend, Jeff Sneller, who lives in the Seattle area. I haven't been able to reach him by e-mail for several days. Then, this morning I read about the power outage up there in Washington and put two and two together. Big storm a few days ago that left thousands without power in the northeast; he is one of them. I reached Jeff on his cell phone, he was on his way down to Portland to buy a connection for the generator he purchased a few weeks ago. Whoever he bought it from sold him the wrong connector. Anyway, he seems to be all right for now, under the circumstances. In the afternoon Beth and I took the girls to PetSmart to have their picture taken with Santa. We all got in the photo together and Beth wants to use it for a card next year if we're able. Back home for a while then she drove to her place of employment to feed the animals. I worked on the computer. No nap today. She finally home and we eat, then TV recording CSI Miami from last Monday. Later ~

Friday, December 15, 2006

Home after the meeting to read paper and on to the computer to work on Hushup! We used to get our paper at 4:30 in the morning, in tome for me to read it while I ate breakfast. Lately (maybe more than a few months) the guy has been getting later and later, Now it doesn't arrive until after we've gone off to the morning meeting. I installed two new smoke alarms, Beth called to talk - one of her employer's daughters was flying in and Beth wanted me to check flight time on the computer. I met Harry, Tom, Norman Foster and George S. at the Elephant Bar restaurant in Palm Desert for lunch. Fish tacos were great. I doggy-bagged the one that was left over and took it to Beth at work. She loves fish tacos. Home and nap. Up and feed dogs. On compputer for rest of the afternoon then she home. Eat, TV and back to computer. Later ~

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Beth had a dentist appointment so I went to the meeting-before-the-meeting and left before the regular one. Got some laminating done for Beth and bought some ink supplies. Home and work on computer, read paper, etc. Talked to Beth then went out sand picked up a Subway then drove to her place of employment where we had lunch together. After we drove to the Bermuda Dunes airport to pick up one of her employers' cars. She went back to work and I drove home. Took my nap. Fed the girls. Then I sat down and worked a little on "The Big Hushup! screenplay." Talked to Tom. She home and we eat. After to office. Later ~

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

First thing after breakfast I e-mailed Maxine Hansen congratulating her on her article about Monte Hale in the new Cowboys and Indians Magazine. After the FOBW meeting today I got my car washed. Once home, I worked on The Big Hushup! Novel for a while then went shopping for her at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I dropped the stuff at her place of employment, then drove home. More work on Hushup. Lunch with Gene Autry and Bob Boze Bell on the Western Channel. Nap. Fed the girls and back to the computer and Hushup. Talked to Tom and Ross. Cleaned up a few things around the house, then she home. Talk for a while then I cook dinner and we eat. Both of us into the office where she catches up on things while I write here. We plan on watching a recorded show. Later ~

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Today didn't look good to me from the beginning. Beth's employers flew out today so she left the meeting early. I took that as an opportunity to leave early, too. Home and work some on The Big Hushup! novel. At 9:30 the crew over to wash our tile floors before sealing them. They haven't been sealed in a long, long time. I use the time it takes to dry to write some more then take girls to the groomer. Home again and crew here and begins sealing floor. I have a quick lunch (no TV) and off to beth's place of employment where I join her for the duration. I took my nap. Then we ran some packages up to a mailing place an dropped them off. When we got back we made a phone call and found we I could go home - all furniture was back in place, etc. Picked up girls - they both looked great with their little neck scarves - and we headed home. Crystal dank a gallon of water and immediately threw up on the newly sealed tile. I started putting things back in order and beth arrived. Cooked dinner and we ate, then she off to ABC Recovery Home alumni meeting. I'm batching it for the moment. Later ~

Monday, December 11, 2006

Both of us off to morning meeting. After, she to work, I home. Snack and read paper, then putz on computer. To Sam's and pick up our Christmas cards (photos). Back home and eat lunch and quick peek at Rex Allen Western. Nap early. Up and feed girls. To back doctor appointment - wait over an hour for a three minute visit. He wants another MRI and we set that up. By pharmacy to pick up meds for Beth, They weren't ready. Call her, then home. Put up some more Christmas lights. Start dinner. She home and we eat. After, finish doing the Christmas cards and get ready for mailing. Both of us to office. She makes phone calls and I write here. Busy day, no writing. Later ~

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sleep in day. I up at 500 a.m. - Beth a little later. Do a few chores, read the paper, and eat breakfast. Ron our next door neighbor over to take pix of us for Christmas card. Then she off to shop for Recovery House Christmas Party (a week from tomorrow) while I crop photos and put on disc. I putz around on the computer then head for Sam's store to pick out our card and order. See her there and say "Hi". I continue to shop at Wallmart next door then home. Eat lunch and TV, Gene Autry Columbia Western. She calls and I drive to Bermuda Dunes airport to meet her. She drops off vehicle for her employers and I drive her back to her employers' home. I home and feed girls then I nap. Up and check e-mail. Tom called earlier and he feels better. I string some more Christmas lights then we eat dinner. Print out Christmas list while she puts stamps on envelopes. Write here and she off to bed. I will follow in a few minutes. Later ~

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Beth made it to the meeting this morning. After, she to work, I grocery shopping then home. Start pulling Christmas stuff out of shed and when David (our friend Sheri Priess' son) got here we put up the decorations and lights. Almost everything worked though we had to find a new connection for the roof lights this year. I just couldn't remember how I did it last year. David went home and Beth arrived just in time for lunch. We ate, then tried putting up the indoor tree. What should have been an easy task, turned into a fiasco when I moved a piece of our entertainment center and a very heavy shelf fell back behind our 42-inch Widescreen HD. It took me close to ah hour to clean up that mess and made hiring David so I could save my back a mute point. Took my nap with the girls. Our two dogs wait diligently for either one of us to lie down on the bed so they can jump up for a few winks themselves. Fed the girls after and Beth went out to shop. I worked on some things and exchanged e-mails with a producer friend who wanted reviews and a synopsis of my first novel (which I have already adapted into a screenplay). Hoping this might lead to something. Beth home to see all the Christmas lights and tree sparkling. We had dinner (she had liver and onions as she is in need of more iron). Now we're going to watch a DVD, then bed, Later ~

Friday, December 08, 2006

Went to the morning meeting by myself once again while she slept in; then she went to work. I came home after and worked on enlarging a present-day aerial photo of the Columbia Ranch. My plan is to sketch in various sets that were there in 1965 and have since been demolished. I did a first draft, and let me tell you, it's sure difficult remembering the exact angle of some of those sets in relation to some of the still standing structures. I used both my memory and some photos to finally get everything pretty much like it was. I'll do a complete version when I find more time. Went to the credit union for Beth, then on to the Red Robin for lunch with George, Harry, and Tom. Yes, Tom is out of the hospital once again. He had an infected foot and needed emergency treatment. After lunch I drove home for my nap. When I got up, I gave Beth a call and drove over and picked her up. We went to the Chevy dealer in Cathedral City and she picked up her employers' Tahoe. I stopped to pick up some Panda Express (Orange Chicken) while she went to drop off the Tahoe and get her own car. I got home and set the table, checked e-mail, etc. When she arrived we sat down to eat. Now we're both in the office and I expect we'll watch a show we recorded last night then hit the sack. Later ~

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Beth is getting better but still slept in today while I went to the meeting-before-the-meeting. Then I returned some things to the market; bought other things at another store; drove home to see the girls; then headed over to Beth's place of employment where I assisted her in dropping off one of her employers' cars at the mechanic. I dropped her back at her place of work and went home to the girls. Putzed on the computer - e-mailed back and forth with a guy who is doing research on the Columbia Ranch. Drove to Indio for my once-a-month Republican Roundtable discussion lunch with Lee Ellis and other like thinkers. Once again we saved the world (in theory). On the way home I dropped off some cleaning for Beth's employer and picked up a batch for same. Dropped it off to Beth then home to nap. Up to barks which meant Beth had come home. We talked a bit then took off for Target and Pet Smart to get some goodies for her employers' new cat. Home and we eat. She still doesn't feel too good so it'll be bed early tonight again. Later ~

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I went to the friends of Bill W. meeting-before-the-meeting today then came home. My friend Ross was involved in a head-on accident the day before yesterday. An older gentleman allowed his car to drift over (Ross said it happened in a split second) the double line and SMACK! head-on in a 45 MPH zone, which automatically makes it a 90 MPH impact. Ross was in a BMW SUV and all the bells and whistles worked perfect, surrounding him in air bags, so he only has a bruised shoulder. The other guy, the one whose car "drifted" across and crashed into Ross, was seriously injured. The guy had a suspended license, was under the influence (of something) and apparently wore no seatbelt. Ross is very grateful. Returned home and took Beth to her doctor appointment where she underwent a procedure. I waited in waiting room and listened to Rush Limbaugh on my old Walkman. Afterward, I brought her home and we had lunch (she hadn't eaten anything solid in 24 hours. After lunch we both hit the sack. She, because it was part of her Doctor's orders; and me, because it was my nap time. Up and feed the girls then to her place of employment to feed her employers' cat. Back home I cooked and we had some dinner. Now we'll probably watch a TV recording then hit the sack early. Later ~

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Did my monthly blood draw this morning. Colder than hell at 6:00 a.m. here in the desert. Home and work on a novel, then haircut and on over to Beth's place of employment to give her a hand with some chores. She's not in too good of shape. I home and she follows not far behind me. She begins preparing for medical tests for tomorrow. We lunch and I nap. Up and feed girls. Drive over to Beth's place of employment and feed the cat; check the back gate. Home and work on novel. She not eating, but I am - in front of TV watching recorded shows we haven't been able to view because of her illness. Now I'm writing here and it looks like an early bedtime again tonight. Later ~

Monday, December 04, 2006

Not getting much writing done these days. Beth is still sick. Well, sick enough to not join me at our morning meeting with our friends of Bill W. Today she HAD to go to work even though she didn't feel up to it. Her employers were flying back home so she needed to be there to make sure everything was in order. She called me right after the wheels were up and I drove over and we went to the airport to pick up the vehicle the pilot was using. We did stop for some chili dogs - Ummmm Goood! She back to work and I home. Checked e-mail and nap on couch. Up and feed girls, then she home early. Now we're both in our office, she making calls, I writing here. Dollar to a donut she's in bed within a half an hour. I'll cook something and we'll eat. Anything else happens, I'll be back. Later ~

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Have you ever awakened with a dog standing on your face? That's how today began. Sundays are the only day of the week Beth and I try to sleep in, but never really have a chance. Our girls, Misty and Crystal don't understand "weekends," so their routine is still the same as weekdays. Anyway, once we were up and had scanned the paper we drove to Indio for the once a month ABC Recovery Home Alumni Breakfast. As usual we sit with our friends Bill and Sunny White; and today were also joined by Robin Anderson and her friend, George. After eating, we stopped by Home Depot (she loves it; I hate it) then by the pharmacy to pick up some meds for her. Once home, we checked --mails and made some phone calls. I took my nap. When I got up, she went to bed (she's still feeling rotten). I swept and dusted some (not a lot) and turned on the end of the Cowboys/giants game. Cowboys won with a last minute field goal. Now I'm about to cook dinner. After that I'll check in on her occasionally while I watch TV and/or putz with my writing. Later ~

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Beth slept in (still not feeling well) and I went to meet our FOBW for a very short time, then I went grocery shopping. Home - unload and put away groceries. She up and get ready then she off to hairdresser appointment. My appointment for haircut is a half hour later. I arrive, hi to Beth, and wait. Find out the wait will be too long so leave (Beth makes new appt for me). I home and pick up girls and drive them to vet. Crystal gets shots and physical exam (Vet said she's 11 years old with the body of a six or seven year old). Playing everyday with Misty has done wonders for Crystal. Misty has an ear infection and had that checked. Misty absolutely refuses to have her temperature taken rectally. The female vet assistant tried every way she could think of to get her temp and failed - even though I'd told her Misty doesn't like that. Home after and meet Beth. Lunch together, then she's off for manicure and pedicure. I nap. Up and feed girls. Talk Tom. Talked Ross earlier. Answered and sent some e-mails, then she home. Eat dinner early. She makes some phone calls and I write this. We plan on watching some shows we recorded this past week, then hitting the sack. Later ~

Friday, December 01, 2006

Friends of Bill W. (FOBW) Meeting with Beth, then she to work and I home to computer. She calls and needs me to go to Dr. Stone's to pick up more lab work and a prescription for her at pharmacy. Getting lb work was easy, prescription took just under an hour. Then drop it at her place of employment - See her boss, Sharon, say Hi, the on home for lunch. I had to cancel lunch with Harry and Tom today as I knew my errands would take to long. Eat, old Western and review for Nickel-Plated Dream in the new Roundup Magazine. Beth by for minute then she back to work. I nap. Up and feed girls - they have vet appt tomorrow. Writing here and if anything more happens, I'll be back. Later ~