Scribblings From the Desert

I am a published author and produced screenwriter living in Rancho Mirage, California with my wife, Beth, and two dogs, Crystal and Misty. I have spent most of my life in and around the Hollywood Motion Picture Business.

Location: Rancho Mirage, California, United States

Saturday, June 30, 2007

After meeting I take her home; then we off to her place of employment. Drop her there while I shop for groceries. Pick her up and we to Ace hardware for a few things, then on to Target. Finally we home. Check e-mail, etc. Lunch and both of us down for nap. Up and feed girls. Start sorting and throwing out a bunch of my collected junk (work related). We assemble a small piece of furniture for the office. Fix dinner and we eat. Beth calls sister Shannon in Austin, TX. Then we call Uncle George in Burbank hospital. He wants to go home, but he can't walk. We're trying to talk him into going to the Motion Picture Home, but so far, to no avail. Later ~

Friday, June 29, 2007

I to hall alone with supplies then back home to pick her up and take her to Dr. Murphy for her four week checkup. She's doing great. No more white stockings. To her place of employment and she works for a while; then on to UPS place and post office. Pick up toastadas on way home the have lunch upon arrival. I down for nap with her. Up and clear away space for new computer and un-box everything. Feed the girls. Sean Keating here and he sets up computer and attaches my old hard drive. He leaves at 6:00 pm. Beth had already eaten, so I have apple and we call Uncle George. He had a bad day - couldn't walk. Get her into shower and ready. Later ~

Thursday, June 28, 2007

We up and off to Edie's for mail, then to hall. I do chores then sit. To car and Beth and I talk then meeting. Afterward, we by market and home. I to bank then shop for her. Home, pick her up and back to bank, then to her place of employment where she gets some business done. To UPS place then home. Lunch. Her physical therapist here and they practice getting her behind wheel of car. After, I down for nap. Up and feed girls. UPS here with my new Dell computer. Work on old computer and start unpacking old one. E-mail Jeff about his partner's interest in one of my scripts. Send off several submissions. Make appointment for tomorrow afternoon for computer tech to do set up. Fix dinner and we eat. Will call Uncle George in a bit. Later ~

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

PS to Burbank and back - Up at 2:30 - get her up and dressed, fed, etc. Off to Glendale-Burbank at 6:30. Arrive in Glendale 9:45 and pick up Uncle George's mail at his post office. On to Burbank and St. Joseph's hospital to see George. He goes through mail and we talk. We lunch in hospital cafeteria - nice lady gets Beth a wheelchair making walk back easier for her. PM - George finishes up mail, gets checks together, gives me keys to his house and car. We back to Glendale and to his house. Beth finds checks and makes out deposits. I find Buffalo Bill, Jr. photos. Start his car, then leave. Look for nursing home George told us about and we can't find it. Drive home in heavy traffic. Stop for taco. Arrive at 7:00 PM. Call George, then get ready for bed. I have 42 E-mails so go through them fast. Bed by 8:30. Later ~


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We to meeting early so I can do chores. Meeting before the meeting. After, home; then I check e-mail and off to her place of employment; then on to Sam's Club for more hall supplies. Get hot dogs and home. We lunch. Down for nap early. Up and feed girls. Her physical therapist here so I into office and work on latest essay. After her PT leaves, we off to Smart and Final, then Yes I Can, then her place of employment. Home, office - I fix dinner - we call John Livers and wish him a Happy Birthday. We eat. Call Uncle George. We're going to town tomorrow to see him. Later ~


Monday, June 25, 2007

I drop her at hall,do my chores, then on to lab for blood draw. Home and eat. Back to hall and pick her up. By her place of employment, then home. I work in office, she in kitchen making calls. Lunch together, then we both down for early nap. Up and feed girls. Take her to Sherry's to get hair colored. I shop then check several computer places while she does that. Pick her up; to hall and replace TP; pick up dinner on way home. Eat. Unload car, then office, do trash, get her showered and headed for bed. Later ~

Sunday, June 24, 2007

She up way before me - all on her own. I up around 5:30 and find her in the laundry room ironing. I shower and get dressed then start breakfast. We eat and read Sunday paper. I answer e-mails and she sweeps. We down for an hour or so for nap. Up and to Edie's house to check on things, get mail, and start car. Home for lunch. Then I down for second nap. Up and feed girls. She watches golf while I work on essay in office. Our friend, Tina Hiddleston, is coming over for dinner tonight. And I know we'll call Uncle George. Later ~

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Now we're cookin' on meetings. Bring her home afterward then on to Rancho Mirage Albertson's for grocery shopping. Home. Her employers' pilot here and they load up stuff for him to take to Alaska. I work at computer while she does something in kitchen. Fix lunch and eat. More work on essay, then we down for nap. Up and feed girls. Call Uncle George. More work in office. Off to dinner with the pilot at Mimi's. Home and get ready for bed. Some TV. Later ~

Friday, June 22, 2007

We're back in the grove with meetings. Afterwards, to her place of employment to pay the casual labor. I pick up prescriptions and buy a grocery item for us. Home. I work on essay while she makes calls regarding Uncle George. Lunch and we down for nap. Up and feed girls; then take her to get nails done. I to Albertson's in Rancho Mirage to pick up more stuff for her employer, Then back to pick her up then home. Talked to my friend Ross. Fix dinner and we eat. Now she's about to head to the shower and call it a night. Later ~

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Beth to meeting again today. Afterwards to Palm Desert Albertson's and two other stores to pick up things for Beth's employer. Drop disc at Office Depot and home. Leave Beth home and off to another store, then to her place of employment and check on things - pick up script. Home, check e-mail and fill our release for a submission. Realize they wanted another script so print it out, punch, cover and brads. We start on lunch. Her nurse here for blood draw. Finish lunch and we both down for nap. Up and feed girls. We to her place of employment and she does a few things. Home. Take script to post office and mail it. Home and her physical therapist is here. After that we eat. Work on new essay for a few minutes: not much time for my projects while she's recovering. Call Uncle George. She wash hair and get ready for bed. Later ~

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Took Beth to her first meeting since the surgery. She was warmly welcomed. Then to her place of employment where she caught up on a few things while I went to the pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions, Pick her up and take her to bank so she can cash a petty cash check; then home. Her friend Crystal by to mop our floors. After that, Beth and I eat lunch. Both of us down for nap. Up and feed girls. Work a little in office where she joins me for a while. I cook dinner and we eat. She talks to my sister Shannon for a while - my birth father is now in the VA assisted living program. We call Uncle George and he is pretty groggy; so we don't talk long. Get her ready for bed and she watches TV. I work in office for a while. Later~

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Breakfast with her again this morning. I only wish she'd do it more often when she's in good shape instead of eating while driving to the meeting. I to meeting, then to her place of employment; then on home. Get her up and dressed, then into dining room. We talk for a while then her physical therapist here for a session. I work on computer while they do their stuff. Therapist leaves and we have lunch together. Palm tree trimmers here and trim our palms. Beth and I down for a nap. Up and feed girls. PM she tries walking with a cane - inside the house for now. I work at computer, then fix dinner and we eat. Call Uncle George in hospital. I'm trying to write another essay for my Behind the Scenes book so I get her ready for bed and work a little longer. Later ~

Monday, June 18, 2007

She up when I up and sits with me and talks at breakfast. She back to bed and I off to meeting. Shop for croissants and to her place of employment to do several chores for her - take some pictures of new additions. Home and get her dressed and into dining room. I start with Snappy, capturing frames for my Behind the Scenes book. Her nurse over and leaves. Fix lunch and we eat. More with snappy then we both down for nap. Up and feed girls, then back to Snappy. Get quite a few done in afternoon. Stop for dinner then call Uncle George. He walked just a little today. Call Caroline Friend and set drop off for Maad Dog Daze book. E-mail photos to her employer. Get her ready for bed, and I get ready. Later ~

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sundays are a little different than week days. She beat me up and was at table when I got to kitchen. I showered and dressed then joined her. Made and ate breakfast while we both read the paper. She did some chores, and I worked on computer, then we lay down to rest and watched the US Open (I fell asleep). Up and to dining room and lunch. More putz around then down for nap. Up and feed girls. Off to La Quinta for Sherry's 30th anniversary birthday. Take some pics and eat a little. Tiger came in a close second in the Open. This was her first BIG outing. Home and split an apple. Get her ready for bed. Later ~

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Usual morning with her. She irons, etc. while I eat. To Edie's for mail, then meeting. Grocery shopping after then to her place of employment for a few chores. Home and get her up. She takes first shower since surgery. Snack and talk then to Sherry Mesa's shop and Beth has here hair washed, dried, and combed out. Home and we have lunch. She orders me a new Dell computer on QVC - it'll be here next month. We both down for nap. Up and feed girls. I start new essay for Behind the Scenes book. She watches golf. Dinner, then call Uncle George. He's changed rooms again and feels better. Get her ready for bed and she to dining room to watch TV. I to office to write here. Later ~

Friday, June 15, 2007

Same ol', same ol'. She back to bed before I leave for meeting. Stop for croissants on way home. Get her up and dressed. Then I off to the market to pick up something for her employer; then on to her place of employment and take care of some more business for her. Talk to gardeners. To mail place and ship the stuff UPS. Pick up some Taco Bell tostadas and home for lunch with her. We down for nap early as her physical therapist is coming later. Up and work on computer - download Photoshop. Her PT here and she exercises in bedroom. She leaves and we talk in dining room. She phone and I to office to work on computer. Fix dinner and we eat. Talk, then get her ready for bed. She some TV. Later ~

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Same morning routine. She back to bed before I leave. To meeting early and with the help of Sue, Rick, and Joline, the supplies are unloaded. I empty trash and check bathroom. Stop to pick up croissants on way home. Help Beth to get dressed and going. I off to Smart & Final to pickup some things Sam's didn't have. Stop at her place of employment on way home for mail and talk gardeners. Home and talk with her. Work on computer for while. Nurse by and remove Beth's staples. Beth's friends from morning meeting show up and bring lunch. I am invited, then I excuse myself after eating and retire to office. When they're gone, we down for nap. Up and feed girls. She has a few phone calls. I work in office. Quiet dinner of leftovers. She exercises, then get her ready for bed. Later ~

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Same morning routine. She back to bed before I leave for meeting. After to Edie's for mail, start the car, and exterminator. Home and get her dressed and up. I to her place of employment and do a few things for her. Drop hearing aid package as UPS. Then to Sam's Club and shop for meeting hall. Home and cold pizza for lunch. Beth's physical therapist here and they work out. She leaves and we down for quick nap. Hospital patient advocate calls with info on Uncle George. Up and feed girls. Make some calls regarding George and his illness. My name is put on his contact list. He's now in ICU because he had a procedure that requires ICU for patients his age. Beth's niece, Kelly, is coming over for dinner and I'm off to pick up some orange chicken. Later ~

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Up, get her up. Shower and check e-mail. Breakfast while she irons. Get her back to bed and I to meeting. Home and get her up and dressed. I to her place of employment to meet bug man and security man. Home. Sally with lunch for all. She picks up utensils for Vacation Bible School. They talk while I nap in bedroom. Up 3:00 to feed dogs and Sally is leaving. Beth to bed, she sleeps. I work with Snappy for a while. She up and to dining room. Her friend Dori here with pizza, we eat and talk. After she leaves we call Uncle George - he's getting nowhere with his treatment at St. Joseph's. Get her ready for bed. I write here. Later ~

Monday, June 11, 2007

Up early - 2:00 - Computer and ablutions. Breakfast, then get her tucked in with something to read. To meeting and by store for some groceries, then home. Get her dressed and up. I over to her place of employment and check messages and talk to gardener. Home. She has visiting nurse drop by. I play with Snappy video capture. Nurse leaves and I make lunch - we eat. Both down for nap. She gets phone call while I try to sleep. Up and feed girls. She had physical therapy session. I play with Snappy again - learning slowly. PT leaves and we talk. Sweep. Fix dinner and we eat. Call Uncle George in hospital - he didn't have his angioplasty. Get her ready for bed. Later ~

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stay at home all day taking care of Beth. She up and down and getting better at it each time. She had company, a girl friend from the 6:00.m. meeting; plus a bunch of phone calls. One was from my sister, Shanon in Texas - they talked a long time. We lunched, and we napped. I fed the girls and she watched the golf on TV. I talked to Harry Baddely. Later ~

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Up and get her up then she back to bed. Shower, dress, eat, etc. Then off to meeting before meeting. After, shop for groceries. Home. Get her up and dressed, then into dining room. Talk for a while, then her visiting nurse here and they go over a bunch of details; change her dressing, et al. Nurse leaves. She has something to eat. Then another nurse and a physical therapist here and they work with her in bedroom. They leave and I eat lunch. Both of us down for nap. Both of us up at 3:00 and I get her to dining room. I feed girls. She reads, talks on phone, etc. Put her back to bed for rest. I work with my Snappy Video Capture and the first one works! Get her up and we have dinner. Talk and read around table. Get her ready and into bed. Call Uncle George - he seems to be OK. Bed and sleep. Phone at 1:30 a.m. - alarm at Beth's place of employment. I over and meet sheriffs; they do interior search. They leave and I home - back into bed and... Later ~

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Friday - June 8, 2007

Talk to her in a.m. then off to meeting b/4 meeting. To Beth's place of employment and pick up time sheets. Home and make up pay envelopes then back and drop them off. Get to hospital around 9:00. She sitting up, ready to go. Wait for discharge papers. I take some flowers home and drop off prescriptions before I return. She out just before noon and I drive her home. Put girls in a closed room until I can get her settled then let them in. They are very happy to have their mommy home. Fix lunch and we eat. Put her to bed and I down for nap. Up and get her up and into kitchen. I to pick up her meds - also a pizza. Home and we eat. Talk and she does some paper work. Get her into bed, and I get ready. Later ~

Thursday, June 07, 2007

By Edie's early again to pick up mail. To meeting B/4 the meeting, then to Beth's place of employment to check phone messages and talk gardeners. Home, then take her car to car wash. Home again, then off to hospital to see Beth. She had a good night's sleep. Talk and she goes through pile of stuff I brought over. I leave and home; then to Indio for monthly Round Table Republican Lunch. Home after and nap. Up and feed girls. Talk to my Uncle George in Burbank Hospital - he may be changing rooms. Ross called. Back to Eisenhower and see Joe on way in. He goes up to room with me as a surprise for Beth. Scott from 6:00 a.m. stops in. Walk with Beth and physical therapist. Then I home. Check phone messages and e-mail. Eat and TV. Call her. Later ~

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

To meeting in Ford. After Tom follows me to lube place - find out I don't need lube. Tom follows me home where I check girls and change cars. We to hospital and see Beth. Tom leaves and I stay until 11:00 a.m. - To her place of employment and get time sheets from gardeners. Home and eat. Fax time sheets. Down for nap. Up, Fenady calls. Feed girls then drive back to hospital and spent rest of afternoon with Beth. Eat some of her salmon. Home 6:00 p.m. check e-mail and write here. Going to try George in Burbank hospital, some TV and bed. Later ~

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

First thing I did this morning was to go to Edie's to get the mail and start the car. On to meeting before the meeting; then to Beth's place of employment to check messages and talk to gardeners. To my monthly lab draw, and then to Sav-On and pick up prescription. Finally to hospital and see Beth. She's doing fine. A friend of ours, Brian Malloy stopped by with flowers. Stay until 11:00 then run a UPS box to get mailed, then home. Lunch and paper. My Snappy, e-bay, package arrived as did my cologne. Nap then up. Message from an old friend in Hollywood (AJ). Feed girls then back to hospital and sit with Beth until 5:00. Home, check e-mail; eat and TV. Call Uncle George. Talk to Beth. On way to bed. Later ~

Monday, June 04, 2007

Today is the date for Beth's second hip replacement. We were up early and to hospital to check her in at 5:15 a.m. they took her into pre-op immediately. It was my job to sit and read (Jane Burnett Smith's "Hobbled Stirrups). In quick to see her before operation, then read for less than an hour when doctor in to tell me the surgery was done and she had come through beautifully. I was allowed to see her for a minute, then back to waiting room and read for two more hours. To her room on second floor and talk. Leave at noon and head home. Lunch and check e-mails. To bank for her. And several other things. Down for quick nap. Up and feed girls. They're not too sure of what is going on yet. Back to hospital and sit with her until six. Home and eat. Send shotgun e-mail re today. Call BILL white, Call George Rutter. Call her employers in Alaska. Finally call her. Now it's to bed and a good sleep, I hope. Later ~

Sunday, June 03, 2007

In San Dimas: Up later than usual - 5:30 for me, 6:00 for her. Both of us shower and dress. Load some stuff, then to breakfast. Check out and drive to Burbank. Visit my 90-year old uncle, George Rutter, who's in St. Joseph's Hospital. Stay a few hours. He's in good shape mentally, but not physically. He talked about trying to get into the Motion Picture Home. Beth and I agree it's probably the best thing. I'll be talking with him in the next week and we'll just have to wait to see what happens. Drive home and back by 2:30, even though we stopped for tacos. Greeted by girls and LeRoy. He leaves. We unpack, then Beth goes to Maad Dog Daze meeting. I putz with computer, TV, etc. She home and do some chores. We're going to eat soon. Then bed and sleeeeep, because Beth will be admitted to Eisenhower Hospital at 5:15 tomorrow morning for her second hip surgery. Later ~

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Up and to meeting, then shop. Home and unload. Pack for overnight. She home and she pack. Lunch. LeRoy here to dog-sit, and we take off for San Dimas. Arrive in less than two hours and check in. Out for tacos. Back to room and change; then to Genelle and Matt's wedding in La Verne. Genelle is Beth's friend, Trudy Campbell's, daughter.) Arrive early and wait - wedding starts nearly an hour late. After we stay for reception and dinner. Leave before the dancing begins and back at hotel by 10:00 p.m. - Get ready and to bed. Later ~

Friday, June 01, 2007

In spite of all the precautions I've been taking, the cold hit me hard this morning. To before the meeting meeting, then home. Putz with computer. I'm waiting for my Snappy video capture to arrive; plus I need to re-scan every one of my photos so they are all 300 dpi. By Beth's place of employment and assemble a vacuum cleaner. Also go over the chores I will be doing while she's in hospital and recovering. Have lunch with her, then home. Down for nap. Uncle George calls and says he's going back into hospital. Call Beth and advise her of same. Scan a few photos then she home and we eat. Now we're both in the office. Later ~