Scribblings From the Desert

I am a published author and produced screenwriter living in Rancho Mirage, California with my wife, Beth, and two dogs, Crystal and Misty. I have spent most of my life in and around the Hollywood Motion Picture Business.

Location: Rancho Mirage, California, United States

Monday, November 30, 2009

Sam Cropper

Stop to show Nadar new car on way home from meeting. Home and Sam pulls in behind me. He's here to stain the church bench on our front porch. I check e-mails and news sites while eating sausage, cheese and crackers. Jerry and crew show up and start stuccoing the new walls. Ron brings back our wheelchair and I put it away. Into house and listen to Rush while I work awhile. Check the news for info on cop Washington cop killer. Fed-X here with movie. I down to TV and watch a Gene Autry western, Silver Canyon. Talk to Beth; then down for nap with girls. Up and check e-mails. Bring in mail then feed girls. Take pills and open mail for Beth. Put away dishes and some other chores. To office. Tommy Snow calls. Beth home early and we decide to not get decorations out until tomorrow. Inside and I start dinner. We eat. Watch Hallmark Hall of Fame movie we recorded last night: A Dog Named Christmas, with Bruce Greenwood. After, she showers while I write here. Later ~

Saturday, November 28, 2009

With Sean Garrison and John Mills - Dundee and the Culhane - 1967

Warm wind early replaced by cold rain in later morning.
Grocery shopping after meeting; then home, unload and put away. Brenda here and she begins cleaning with my office. I read in dining room - have a snack of sausage. Eventually I go to office. Work for awhile in office. Beth calls to say she's off to Sam's Club and for Brenda to meet her there. I go down for nap with girls. Up in an hour and a half. Beth is home. I dress and get ready. She into office and we both work side-by-side. I feed girls. Back to office with Beth. Into kitchen and make some soup. We eat; then to TV to watch Lucy & Desi in The Long, Long Trailer.
She showers then we to bed. Later ~

Friday, November 27, 2009

Beth's new book

Home from meeting and check e-mail and news sites with girls and popcorn (a slip). Beth home and she does some chores. Gardeners leave new side gate open and I find it open. Talk to nearest gardener. Beth and I drive to Sam's Club to do shopping for ourselves. After, we go to Yellow Basket for a Fish Taco lunch. Home and she unload while I get ready and down for my nap with girls. Up and feed girls. Bring in mail and open it for Beth. Her Sarah Palin book arrives. Talk while she opens mail. Take my pills. To office and work at computer. Beth cleans. She back to office and we work together. I start dinner; then we eat. Clean up after dinner and take trash out. Then we watch CSI:VEGAS recorded last night. Both get ready for bed. Later ~

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Brenda, Beth, Michele, Chris - The Cleanup Crew

Home from meeting and check e-mail and news sites. Beth to her place of employment to prepare Hall dinner with Brenda. I work at computer for awhile. Watch some TV on the western channel. Have a small lunch. Talk Beth; then down for nap with girls early. Up 12:30 - get ready and feed girls. Then I off to Hall to meet Beth for Thanksgiving dinner. See a lot of friends. Have dinner with Brenda and her family - Beth joins us on patio. Clean up after. I home; Beth drops van at her work and she home. Unload some stuff. Both to office and work some. She gets call from Sister Shannon. Then we watch recording of NCIS fom Tuesday; to office to watch DWTS from Tuesday and don't get a final dance. Later ~

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Late Stuntman Jack Williams Takes a Dive - Dundee and the Culhane - 1967 - Painted Desert Fort set

Gas up on way home from meeting. Home and check e-mail and news sites with girls, cheese, crackers and sausage. Workers here and start second wall. I work at computer and talk to brother Bob on phone. Take off for Dr. Williams appointment and go to the wrong street. Forgot where the office was. Call Beth and get proper directions. On to Gerald Ford drive and not Dinah Shore where I thought it was. Do eye tests and find I don't need new glasses. Home and wait for brother. He late then he calls - I was supposed to call him when I left Costco, only I didn't have to go to Costco because I didn't get a prescription. He's on way over. Bob and Eva arrive to pick up books and I show them around the house. They leave and I call Beth then down for nap with girls. Beth had stitches out toady for second operation. I up 3:00 and feed girls. Take pills and bring in mail. Open mail for Bethie. Talk with guys working on wall. Into house and get ready to sweep but phone rings and it's Jimmy George. We talk awhile before Beth gets home. Help her in with her stuff then she's into another room doing whatever. I start dinner. We eat. Then we watch the end of last night's DWTS which she fell asleep before. Then it's CSI: Miami. She helps me remove my bandages from yesterday's surgery. Both to office to work a little more. Later ~

Monday, November 23, 2009

The procedure that was planed for today's surgery

Surgery day.
Home after meeting and pick up dog treats along the way. Break dog dish top while I'm trying to fill bowl. Check e-mail and news sites with girls at my side (no treats as I'm fasting). Take a few calls; work at desk. Beth by to pick me up at 10:00. To Deloris Hope out patient one-day surgery and prepare for Dr. Karl Shultz to put a two-way port in my chest for Loma Linda procedure next week. Well, guess what. I have too much scar tissue in my chest (both sides) from previous ports. No port today though I still had an hour or so in the recovery room and after a slice of pizza, I went down for nap while Beth went back to work. Up at 4:30 and get it together. Beth home and she's had no luck with Loma Linda returning calls. Even my own dr. Stone was no help today. So here we sit at 7:00 o'clock without any further plan to get this port installed so I can begin these treatment at Loma Linda next Monday. Beth and I have light dinner, then to office to catch up on stuff. Then it's into bed for Her weekly Dancing with the Stars, while I go back to sleep. Later ~

Sunday, November 22, 2009

True West's Bob Boze Bell with Producer, Writer, Andrew J. Fenady, at a Western Writers of America book signing

Sleep in day. Beth up and off to Hall. I up 5:55: shower, shave, breakfast; trim beard. Beth home and goes to work on some of her many projects, I work at computer. Drive to Best Buy to pick up a universal TV clicker; stop and pick up a Subway sandwich for Beth. Home and we eat lunch. Then I down for my nap with girls. Up and Beth has already fed girls; plus she's done my pill boxes. She decides we need to go shopping so we take off for Bed Bath & Beyond; then to CVS drug store to look for a child's truck - which we eventually find in the Indian Wells store. James fro Florida calls and we talk for a short time. Quick stop at Ace Hardware. I order a pizza from Pappa Dan's. We drive to Pappa Dan's and while we wait we check out a couple of other stores. Pick up pizza and home. Unload, then we sit down to have our pizza with the girls (they get the "pizza bones: hard crusts). Both into office to work at own computers. Beth washes her hair. We get ready and down for the night early. Later ~

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our Friend Tommy Snow at Palm Springs Dialysis Center

Grocery shopping after meeting; Beth to Edie's. Home and unload new car. Put away groceries. Check e-mail and news sites. Start to watch some TV and Beth home. We have lunch in kitchen while chatting. I down for nap at 12:00 while she off to nail appointment. I up two hours alter and she's fed girls. We drive to Palm Springs to see Tommy at his new place. He's not there; he's at dialysis. Drive over there and spend some time with Tommy - see Louie, one of my old techs from my dialysis days. Drive home stopping at taco place to pick up dinner, then to her place of employment to change from her car to van. Home and we eat dinner. Try to watch a movie but she didn't like it. Both get ready for bed. Later ~

Friday, November 20, 2009

This is OUR new Dodge Journey in the garage - too lazy to take it out into sunlight - I'll get some more later

To meeting with Beth as they are slurrying the parking lot and all have to park on street.
Home from meeting; Brenda right behind. Gardeners there; Jerry and the workers there - kind of a central station feeling. Beth makes some copies and leaves. Brenda starts cleaning; and I call the hearing aid place to make an appointment - make one for 2:00 this afternoon. Into office when Brenda's done cleaning in there and turn on Rush Show cam. Check e-mail and news sites with girls. Make some lunch and eat in office with girls. Then it's down for nap as I have 2:00 appointment. Up and dress. Find that I have received DVD package from UPS; plus my handicapped sigh I left in Expedition yesterday was overnighted. Talk to Beth and open mail for her, Drive (new car) to hearing aid place and pick up left HA. Home and feed girls. Spend some time in office catching up. Talk to Tommy - he's in new place; a Senior Living facility in Palm Springs. Make some tuna salad. Beth home and we talk. Fix some dinner; then we watch recording of CSI: Vegas from last night. Get ready for bed. Later ~

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The newest member of our family

After meeting I head for home while Beth heads to work. Once home I talk with Jerry and his workers, They working on wall separating back- from side-yard. I take all our stuff out of Expedition. Check e-mail and news sites with girls. Set up a blood draw for December. Try to make appointment to pick up hearing aid - no time today as we're driving to Glendora. Drive to Beth's place of employment then we off to Glendora Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep - where we peruse, drive and buy a 2009 Dodge Journey. After all the paperwork, trade in of Expedition, etc. (hours) we take off home. Some heavy traffic but home in just over an hour. I drop her at her place of employment and I home. I start putting our stuff back into new car; then park it. Beth home and has a wider birth for her car. Unload her stuff then inside. I start cooking while she makes some phone calls. We eat. Ron over to look at car. Try call Tom but can only leave a message. Beth joins me in office to work a little. No TV. Later ~

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pics from our trip to San Diego today

Up and to Hall with Beth to do chores and talk others. Sharon gives us specs on car. We home; change into Expedition then take off for San Diego. Two-and-a-half hour trip and arrive at Shelter Island where Beth's employers' keep their boat. We drop of supplies we brought with us and Avery, the boat tender, loads everything on boat. We spend some time aboard talking and taking pix then we leave. Stop at Mexican joint up the street for lunch; then head for home. Back in 2 hrs and 50 mins. To Crystal Chrysler and look at a new Dodge Journey. Home and unload our stuff. Ck e-mail and some news sites. Make some calls. Eventually make dinner and we eat. After she writes Thanksgiving cards. Watch recording of NCSI; then bed early. Later ~

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

They took out bushes at west end of pool

They moved the sprinkler system to make way for wall

They put in extended PVC because of moving sprinkler system

Second-day fence building.
Home from meeting and check e-mail and news sites with sausage, cheese. crackers, and girls. Beth calls reminding me of other chores for today. Drive down to get dog food; then to PD post office to pick up package for H&I. Home; work at computer for awhile. Show Jerry light in bathroom that broke this morning. Meet Beth at Dr. Karl's where we find out about her future treatments and begin plans for my port installation. To her place of employment and load Expedition for trip to San Diego tomorrow. I home and eat. She calls. Down for nap with girls. Lotta' work noise outside. I finally up and bring in mail; feed girls; then open mail for Beth. Take pics of fencing project. Read some mail. Call Tommy but he's doing dialysis and will call back later. Clean up side yard. Sweep floors. Jimmy George calls and we talk for a minute. Beth home and we talk. I fix dinner and we eat. We watch recording of CSI: Miami. Sharon calls about Dodge Journey. Finish show and we get ready for bed. Later ~

Monday, November 16, 2009

Jerry, with tool, works on piece of the fence

North-west side of house - new fence with gate to come

Jerry, who is going to be building our new fences, starts work today.
Leave meeting early to do blood draw. Home and snack while I check e-mail and news sites with girls. Drive to Eisenhower and meet Beth at Dr. Stone's office where she gets an annual meeting and she talks to him about the stuff coming up for me at Loma Linda. At least I'll be able to have Dr. Karl put in my port. She off for work while I head home. Watch end of Best of the Bad guys while eating lunch. Call Beth; then down for nap with girls. Lotta pounding but I am able to sleep. Up and out to get mail - none yet. Back inside and take my pills before feeding girls. Take some photos of the fence builders at work. Talk to Beth again; Steve the window guy is here to fix front bedroom window. Call Tommy Snow; then I sweep house - except Hollie's room as Steve is still working there. Steve leaves and Beth arrives home. Unload her car and she has a few chores; then we sit and talk over the day. Fix dinner - spaghetti and soup, sent home by Sharon (car dealer). I had my diet sausage and salad. Take out trash. Write here. Beth concerned about Expedition and fishing poles. We bed early. She watches DWTS; I to sleep. Later ~

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Lodge - November 15, 1997 - 12 years today

Our 12th Wedding Anniversary ~
Sleep in day. Beth up and off to Hall. I up and shower, dress and run to Albertson's as I forgot her card; I also pick up a dozen roses. Home and have breakfast with girls. Read the paper. Beth home and gets her roses and card. Both into office for awhile. Then she's off to her place of employment to meet a vendor; while I stay in office and check all the news sites. Shannon calls and we talk for awhile Beth home before noon and we talk. She's eaten at work so I fix her a snack while I make my lunch and we eat. She's getting tons of calls. I down for my nap with girls. Up and dress. She's already fed girls. She reads paper at table while we talk. Call and make dinner reservations at P.F. Chang's. Talk to Tommy Snow. She gets ready for dinner while I work here. Then its off anniversary dinner at P.F, Chang's. Home; check e-mail then she showers. Later ~

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grace Kelly and Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief

Grocery shopping after meeting; then home, unload and put away. Beth here for a minute then off to hair appointment with Sherry. I into office to check e-mail and news sites. Watch some TV for a while - a western, of course. Tommy Snow calls to check up on us. Beth home from hair shop. I make lunch and we eat. She off to meet Brenda and Brandy to purchase car for Brandy (Brenda's daughter). I down for nap. I up from nap and when I'm ready bring in mail. Take pills then call Paul Isenhower back in North Carolina. Back in kitchen with Beth and we talk. She open mail; takes some calls. Eventually I make dinner and we eat. After, we start to watch Alfred Hitchcock's To Catch A Thief, with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. Beth falling asleep so we turn TV off and go to bed early. Later ~

Friday, November 13, 2009

With my wife, Beth

Beth's second operation today - no meeting.
Off to Dolores Hope at 6:30, dropping off a large box at her place of employment on the way. Check in at 7:00 a.m. and I'm sitting beside her bed by 7:20. She has fun with the nurses as they are getting to know her and all of them enjoy shopping at thrift stores. They take her in for surgery around 8:00 and I go to waiting room and read. Dr. Shultz is back in less than a half an hour with news that he's finished and all went well. Read more until I'm allowed into the post op area where I can sit with her until she's ready to go home. Stop at Sav-On on way home; then it's home tot he girls and Brenda - who has been cleaning and now replaces some light bulbs for us. I check e-mail while they talk; then Brenda leaves. Make Beth some lunch and some for me, too. Talk for awhile; she calls a few people then its down for a nap - both of us. Believe it or not, the "I can't sleep in the day" girl is out like a light until we wake up two-hours later. I bring in mail, take pills and feed the girls. Beth up and into kitchen. She goes through mail. She makes some phone calls and we talk. I make my tuna salad while she to office to work on Tommy's stuff. I call Tommy and we have a nice talk. I into office and we work side by side. I into kitchen and make dinner. We eat and talk. After, we watch CSI: Vegas recording from last night. Later ~

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Home from meeting then check e-mail and news sites with sausage, cheese, crackers and girls. Listen to Rush while typing new medication list for me. After a while, it's into living room and have lunch while I watch Best of the Badmen with Robert Ryan and Claire Trevor until it's time for nap. Call Beth then down for nap with girls. Up and bring in mail; take pills; open mail; and feed girls. Talk to Beth and she's on way home early. Clean up side yard; sweep floors. Tommy calls and we talk. He has alot of therapy ahead of him re his foot. Beth and I talk over beverages at table. Cook dinner; then we eat. After we watch last night's part two CSI three-parter on CSI: New York. Into office and finish up here while Beth makes some phone calls and works a little on Tommy's paperwork. Eventually, it's time to go to bed. Later ~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Walter Sande. Bill Williams, and Ted DeCorsia in Oklahoma Territory - 1959

Stop at Albertson's to pick up mayo; then on to Sherry's for my haircut. Rick there a minute. Drop off left hearing aid and they are sending it out. Home and check e-mail and news sites with sausage, crackers, cheese and girls. Work at computer while I wait for plumber to call. Jamie the AC guy here to reset AC system to heat for winter. Start to watch Oklahoma Territory with Bill Williams, Gloria Talbott and Ted DeCorsia. Dan the plumber here to fix Beth's toilet. I eat with TV. Call Beth then down for nap. Up and no mail as it's a holiday (veteran's day). Take pills an feed girls. Talk to Beth; talk to Tom Snow. Clean up side yard and then sweep floors. Work at computer. Turn on lights. Beth home and unloads a mess of stuff. I fix dinner and we eat. She washes her hair. Then we watch last night's recording of NCIS. Later ~

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

With my girls

Take Beth's car to meeting this morning because after: I home and check e-mail and news sites. Damon's nephew and another tile guy here to refinish tiles. I take girls to groomer and drop them off; then to Ramona Tire to pick up Beth as she left her employees' van for an oil change. Drop Beth at her place of employment then home. They are still staining the floor though I'm able to get into the kitchen and make some lunch. Out back with all the furniture and eat my lunch. Inside and to office. The tile guys finish up and leave. I talk to Beth; then it's down for nap without girls today. Up in an hour and a half. Pick up girls. To pick up Beth and take her to pick up van. I'm now in my car so I head home and park in garage. Feed girls and take my pills. Put some things back where they go. Try call Tom but no answer. Call Jimmy George and we talk for awhile. Put some things back the tile guys moved. Beth home and we talk after she gets her chores done. Fix dinner and we eat. Watch recording of CSI: Miami. Later ~

Monday, November 09, 2009

Gary Merrill and Robert Mitchum in The Wonderful Country - 1959

Home after meeting and check e-mail and news sites with girls, sausage and cheese. Spend some time on news sites I missed earlier as I overslept. Eventually, Beth calls: I was supposed to drop something at her place of employment but I forgot. Drive over to see her at work and drop off box (her brother's and his fiance's wedding present). Home and Steve the window guy is here. He measures broken window and is on his way. I watch some TV and have some lunch along with the end of The Wonderful Country, with Robert Mitchum. Talk to Beth; then down for nap with girls. Up and bring in mail. Pills. Feed girls; open mail for Beth. To office and check e-mail. Make tuna salad for my diet. Beth calls. Sweep tiles. She picks me up and to AT&T to get answers about her phone and earpiece. Home and talk. Fix dinner and eat. Both to office and check out scooters. Get ready for bed. She watches DWTS while I go to sleep. Later ~

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Beth's Fish Taco

Sleep in day. Beth to Hall early and I up 6:00 a.m. - shower, dress, breakfast and paper. Trim beard. Beth home and we get ready to travel. We drive to Loma Linda again for one last test. Blood is now drawn in a new location - southwest of the hospital in large building. We check out county building where Bruce and Sharon will be married in Dec, then to blood draw. Stop at Mexican place on corner Kool Kactus; it's closed so we go on down the road to Chi-Chi's Tacos and get some fish tacos. Start for home. Stop at Premiere to see Tommy and can't find him. He finally shows up and isn't in a good mood. He's waiting for his ex-wife. We leave and pick up wine table wedding present. Home and try to relax. Feed girls. In awhile the fence guy, Jerry drops by and we walk the yard to make sure all is set. I clean up side yard. Into house and she reads paper for awhile. Huckabee is on. Watch that while I make some dinner for me. She has leftovers from lunch. Then it's into office where she works on letters. I work on computer. When we're done it's down for a good night's sleep. Later ~

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Gene Autry and Carolina Cotton in Apache Country 1952

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in The Proposal - 2009

Leave meeting early to shop for groceries. Home and put stuff away; check e-mail. Meet Beth at nail place and get pedicure. Tommy calls to say he's not doing dialysis today because he has too much pain in his foot. Beth off to meet Brenda for Sam's mission shopping. I to bank and make deposit. Home. Check computer. Make some lunch and watch Gene Autry in Apache Country. Call Beth; then it's down for nap with girls. Up and bring in mail; take pills; and feed girls. Beth home later and we talk. I write in office while she putzes at kitchen table. I in to make dinner. No Huckabee. Putz around then we watch pay per view The Proposal, with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. A lot of office things for Beth to do then we to bed. Later ~

Friday, November 06, 2009

Our friend, Brenda

Home from meeting; park in drive so Brenda can replace door opener lights. I check e-mail. Brenda replaces garage door lights; then she does our office; my desk, too. I call Tommy Snow from pack porch because of vacuum noise.Gardeners are here, too. To clean office and work while Brenda finishes up rest of house. Talk to Jimmy George for awhile. Take pic of Brenda for today's blog. Brenda finishes then leaves. I make lunch and eat with the end of Gaucho Serenade - the movie I started earlier this week. Down for nap with girls. Up and check e-mail. Bring in mail, Feed girls. Open mail for Beth. Tried Bob Hoy. To office and putz around on computer. Beth calls. She's off to Chico's then on way home. Watch some O'Reilly and she's in drive. Help her unload. Finally we talk awhile; make some dinner then eat. Watch CSI: Vegas. Later ~

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Round Table

Home from meeting and check e-mail and news sites with sausage, cheese and girls. Get ready and off to Eisenhower to meet Beth for her appointment with Dr. Karl Shultz. He decides to leave her stitches in until next Tuesday. We down to dialysis center to see Tommy. Bill White is there and we shoot the shit for awhile before we all leave. Beth back to work and I home. Check on a few things then drive to Indio to visit Joel for a few minutes. Beth's brother Bruce is on his way with some furniture; Beth will meet him there. I on to my monthly Conservative Round Table. Home after and arrive close to 3:00. Call Beth, take some pills, bring in mail, then down for hour nap. Up and feed girls. Clean side yard. Call Beth; and make more tuna salad for my diet. Office to write here. Turn on TV and there's breaking news - some Arab soldier shot up a bunch of other soldiers at a Texas Fort. Some O'Reilly and Beth home. We talk; I make dinner and we eat. She washes hair; I to office. She joins me in office. Get ready for bed. Later ~

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Gene Autry and Duncan Renaldo in Gaucho Serenade - 1940

Home from meeting and check e-mail and news sites with Sausage, cheese and girls. Talk to Jimmy George for awhile. Tommy calls and asks how it went yesterday. Call John Marzicola about his book publication; then drive over to John's. See Pat, then to John's office and I give him my Lulu books to peruse. We look over web site. He finally decided to put it aside for awhile but to have some copies printed at Kinko's. Beth called and I call her back when I get home. I make lunch and eat with a Gene Autry movie: Gaucho Serenade. Down for nap. Up an hour early because I read clock wrong. Call Bethie and we straighten out a few more things. Work at computer. Bring in mail and open it for Bethie. Take pills; feed girls. Call Jimmy George and we talk awhile. Put dishes away. Clean up side yard; sweep floors. Beth calls and picks me up and we to Edie's in Indian Wells to check out house and turn on lights. Home - work at computer. Beth takes calls. I cook then we eat. She has shit to do in office She showers. Then we watch recording of NCIS from last night. Later ~

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

At one of my signings awhile ago

Beth drives me to Loma Linda Hospital for my kidney biopsy. No eat or drink after midnight and all that other shit. Traffic jam on way; Check in and to 2nd floor. Lotta' papers to fill out and sign; then I into gown and put to bed in pre-op. Beth is with me until I'm taken to operating room and the procedure is performed. Recovery on forth floor - kidney transplant department where I was for transplant seven years ago. Beth's brother Bruce brings Mexican food for he and Beth. I am now able to drink water and snack on a few things I brought with me. When four hours are up, they unhook me and I dress. Bye to Bruce; then Beth and I head for front of hospital: she to get car; I in a wheelchair. Finally we are on way home. Once there I'm told to rest while Beth moves stuff back into the newly painted floor of our office. I check e-mail. Open mail for Beth. Cook and we eat. Get ready for bed early. Beth watches DWTS while I drift off peacefully. Later ~

Monday, November 02, 2009

Bob Steele (on right) - Kid Corrageous 1935

Unknown western - Herman Hack on far right

To blood draw after meeting for Loma Linda biopsy tomorrow. They were unable to do one test. Home by 9:45 and call Loma Linda and leave message about lab draw. Call Beth. Finally I'm able to eat. Check e-mail and news sites with begging girls. Turn on Rush in living room and eat while reading news paper. There were a few calls back and forth between Beth and me re biopsy tomorrow. I down for nap with girls at 12: 15. Up around 2:15 - no calls from LL yet. Call Beth and call Laurie's assistant at LL and leave a message. Feed girls. No mail. Call Beth and she's just talked to Rick about Tommy. They think they've found him a room; plus they told him he may lose a foot because of unhealing sores on his foot. I call Tommy and we talk for awhile. He seems to be accepting everything better than before. Call from Loma Linda (not anyone I left a message for) giving me info for tomorrow. She tells me the lab test was a minor one and results are not needed for biopsy. I call Beth. Write here. Will be cleaning up side yard soon; then sweeping house. Never got to clean as Beth returned early. Took her car to get a lube and oil. Home - she's upset and on overload. Gets better in awhile. Pick up her car. Fix dinner and eat. Beth and I to office and work. She on phone. Bed early and she watches Dancing with the Stars. I sleep. No food or water after midnight. Later ~

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Oleysa Rulin - Saw her in preview of Expecting Mary

Sleep in day. Beth up and off to Hall. I up sixish and shower, dress and have breakfast with paper. Trim beard. Beth home and we watch Rush on Chris Wallace News Show. Putz around for awhile. Make Thanksgiving flyer. Drop Thanksgiving flyer at Office Depot. - have a snack in lieu of lunch. The we off to University of Riverside campus to see sneak preview of a new movie produced by a local woman whose production company is here in Palm Springs. Title is Expecting Mary - a wonderfully delightful tearjerker movie starring Linda Grey, Olesya Rulin and Cloris Leachman.Beth and I shared a hanky - literally. Pick up flyers after then home. Feed girls and I down for late nap. Up by 5:30 and it's dark already - changed clocks last night. Talk with Beth while she watches world series and we eat while the game continues. I into office to write here. I expect she'll watch the game until its conclusion; then we'll hit the hay. Later ~