Scribblings From the Desert

I am a published author and produced screenwriter living in Rancho Mirage, California with my wife, Beth, and two dogs, Crystal and Misty. I have spent most of my life in and around the Hollywood Motion Picture Business.

Location: Rancho Mirage, California, United States

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Grocery shopping after meeting then home and put it all away. She out doing nails, etc. Check e-mail, read paper and snack. She home and we get ready and go to Orphan Pet Oasis Luncheon with Paul and Deborah. Donate and buy something at the silent auction. Home. She feel terrible so we both down for a nap. I up and wait for Bruce Sunday. Beth up, Bruce here and he removes our old TV Satellilte from our roof where it was ripped off the chimney in the big wind. He leaves. We cook and eat. Now we're going to get ready for bed then watch something we've recorded on TV. Later ~

Friday, March 30, 2007

Home after meeting and check e-mail, read paper and snack. To sonogram session because of pain in my transplant area. Home, eat and TV. Had seen the Rot Rogers movie so flicked to a Matt Helm show with Dean Martin I think I worked on. Nap. Up and feed girls. More work on Dawn of Eagles. Beth picks me up and we to Indio to see new art show at Joel Peters' Leather Plus store. See some old friends. We make dinner out of snacks. Home. She shower, then we're going to watch CSI Vegas we recorded last night. Later ~

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Up at usual time and to meeting. After I home, check e-mail, then to Beth's place of employment. I take van and Tahoe to car wash while she takes other car to another car wash. Home and work for a while on an old project. Lunch with Rex Allen and slim Pickens. Call Glenda about pain. Nap. Up and call Tom Snow. Feed girls. Back to computer and continue on project, re-reading and editing. Get call for appointment for scan tomorrow. She home and fix her dinner. She off to ABC club for MDD meeting. I work at computer. Later ~

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Lennon Sisters Show last night at the McCallum Theater in Palm Desert was terrific! Guests included Bobby Burgess and his dancing partner, Big Tiny Little, the ragtime piano player, Page Cavanaugh Trio, and a good comedian who MCd the show. We got home 10:30 but there was a message on our phone that Beth should call the security folks as it seemed there was an alarm gong off at her employers' home. She took off and didn't get back until 12:30. False Alarm. We hit the sack.
She actually got up and went to meeting this morning; I didn't. I slept in with the girls. We got going around 6:00 - breakfast, paper, etc. Talked to Beth and Ross. My webmaster, Jerry Schneider, e-mailed me that he might consider helping me with the publishing of my Behind the Scenes book. Back to computer then had lunch with Gene and Smiley. Nap. Up and fed girls. Set TV to record "Lost" tonight, then back to computer to work. She should be home soon so I'm out of here. Later ~

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stop for haircut after meeting. Shopped for meds for her. Home, paper and snack. Check e-mails and send some. Work on projects. Talk Beth and lunch. Start Western Channel but movie was a dud. Nap. Up and feed girls. Computer. RAIN! Call Tom Snow, Jay Grili. Sweep. Back to computer. We're going to a Lennon Sisters concert at the McCallum Theater tonight at 8:00 - that's why I'm writing here now. She'll be home soon so I'm going to start dinner. Later ~

Monday, March 26, 2007

Take Beth to meeting and to work after meeting and drop her off. I home and pick up girls and take them to groomer. Drop off disc at photo shop. Home and computer then nap for an hour, Up, quick bite and TV: The Durango Kid, then out to shop and pick up photos. Home. To pick up Beth and take her to doctor for a procedure. Over in less than an hour. Home - we eat. She get ready for bed. Now we're going to watch a TV Show we recorded. Later ~

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sleep in day. Woke up and cuddled for a while then we both up and get with it. She prepare for her lunch at ABC for I&I, then leaves for her place of employment. I lunch, TV, then down for early nap because she'll be back in early afternoon. Up 1:00 pm - she home and I help her unload. Putz around the rest of afternoon watching TV recordings; then out and get her some fish tacos for dinner. We eat. Talk, then she shower and we bed, read - sleep. Later ~

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Grocery shopping after the meeting then home and put away same. She home and changes and we off to La Crecenta for her reunion get-together at Lynn Dotts' house. All her school friends there and we snack and shoot the shit. Leave 5:30 drive home and arrive 7:30. Put away stuff and check messages and e-mails. She shower then we to bed. Later ~

Friday, March 23, 2007

Home after meeting and answer e-mail. Read paper and snacked. Back to office and send photos of Festival of the West to several people. I got back a 'Please send" from an earlier query so I put some things together and sent off a bio and script. Lunch with the Durango Kid and Smiley Burnette. Nap with girls, then up and feed girls. Back to office and work on a project for a while. Read some news stories, etc. 'Spose she'll be home pretty soon so I'll sign off now. Later ~

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spent the morning after the meeting stoppibg by house to check e-mail then getting Beth's car washed (I read the paper while car was being washed). Exchanged cars at her place of employment, then home to continue with my Festival of the West essay. Stopped for lunch and ate while watching a Buster Crabbe, Fuzzy St, Johns, PRC Western on the Western Channel. Down for nap. Up and feed girls. Computer for a while then Tom Snow called. Swept up dog hair and put out trash. E-mailed Bobby Copeland asking for a suggestion for an editor; then sent a Behind the Scenes Book proposal to Empire Publishing. Talked to Beth and she'll be later than usual. Now I'm going back to the FOW essay and hope to get some more done before she arrives home tonight. Later ~

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sent off some pictures of the Festival of the West and began writing my essay on the trip. Not much more. I'm late getting to this and she'll be home any minute. Dogs are barking. Later ~

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Late grocery shopping after meeting (would have done it Saturday but I was you know where). Home and straight to computer to check e-mail and prepare and send query to Lee Emory at Treble Heart Books. Beth by for coupon, then leaves. Lunch with paper, then Sunset Carson on Western Channel. Nice nap. Up and feed girls. To office and send photos to festival participants and Fran BD attendees. Scan and print the Polaroid we had taken with Santa and the girls so we can, hopefully, use it on this year's Christmas card. She'll be home soon. Better start dinner. Later ~

Monday, March 19, 2007

Home after meeting, take paper to car wash and read during washing. Home and check computer - then write on this blog about the last four days I spent in Arizona. Caught up on e-mails, etc., then set recorders for my TV appearance on The Joey English Show at 11:30. Tried calling Tom Snow and no luck, but got hold of Beth and Ross. The show came off well for me except the friggin' produced had someone else's name superimposed over the my picture. Lunch with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, then down for nap. Up and fed girls. Back to office to look up a publisher that someone suggested I contact. I did some research on the publisher then sent off an e-mail to someone I know who has a book out with the publisher. I asked her for an opinion. I swept the floors. Called Bobby Hoy and (uncle) George Rutter to tell them about my weekend. Hoy's minor surgery was successful. Writing here now and waiting for Beth to come home as usual. My routine is finally back to normal. Later ~

March 15, 16, 17, 18

Took off for Phoenix on Thursday the 15th at 5:00 a.m. - arrived four and a half hours later at the Rawhide Western town, too late to get a handicapped parking space. It was only 10:30 and already hot - a preview of things to come. Found the Western Writers of America booth (tent) just inside the main entrance and joined Larry from Barnes and Noble and Rod Timanus setting up the tables with all the books. Later on Major Mitchell and his brother Jerry showed up, followed by "Cowboy" Mike from Georgia, and Lee Baldwin. We all laughed (especially Mike) and talked about old times then prepared to meet and mingle with the customers.
James Jenkins from Florida arrived and I went out to give him his pass. We both went to the WWA booth, then James took off for parts unknown. I used sun block this year and it worked; I also bought a neckerchief to cover my neck. I didn't leave the tent the whole first day and headed for my motel to check in at 5:00 p.m. Had dinner at Taco Bell that first night with James, who was staying at a motel down the way. I went to my room and talked to Beth, then tried to set up my laptop to no avail. Finally to bed around 8:30.
Friday I was up and off earlier so I could get a good handicapped parking spot. Met everyone at the WWA tent, including James (who ran off to see the rest of the place again. Wally Van Allen (Jones) showed up and we walked down to the big tent where we talked to Buck Taylor and Don Collier for a while. On the way back we stopped by the Arizona Gunfighters area and I introduced Wally to Bob Charnes. When we got back to the WWA tent Wally left. Melody Groves and her hubby, plus Jane Burnett Smith showed up and joined us. We talked and sold books. As I was leaving at 5:00 p.m. I ran into Whitey Hughes and his wife at the front bridge and he said he'd be back the next day. I went back to my hotel - cleaned up, then James and I had dinner at Chili's. Home and talk to Beth, tried to set up computer again and finally put the damn thing back in its case. Sister Shannon called - she was passing through Phoenix and we thought we might get together but found we couldn't due to time restraints. Bed at around 9:00.
Saturday found me in a very good handicapped parking spot at 9:30 a.m. (gates opened at 10:00). James was waiting outside the gate and we went in together. I joined the others at the WWA tent, James wandered off, and the day began for us writers as soon as the customers were allowed through the gates. Thursday had been a pretty good day for sales, but had slackened off on Friday. Saturday seemed to be even a little bit slower - we all concluded it was because of the heat. Most of the day was spent bullshitting with the customers, and sitting around bullshitting with ourselves. Whitey Hughes and his wife dropped by to purchase a "Nickel-Plated Dream" book. I wandered out to buy a gift for Beth but was back in the shade quicker than a faro dealer's hands. Said "Bye" to all and headed back to hotel. Cleaned up and had final dinner with James at Taco Bell then said so long. I to room and talked to Beth on phone. Bed early as I wanted to get an early start in the morning.
Sunday - I woke up at 3:00 a.m. and showered, shaved, dressed, packed, checked out, and was on the road by 4:30 a.m. Nice drive home and arrived at 9:00 a.m. Greeted by Beth and the girls. Unpacked, gave Beth her present, checked e-mail 55 messages, then had a small lunch. Took a two-hour nap and got up to feed girls. Beth and I changed then Robin Anderson arrived. We all took off for Fran Jacob's birthday party at Kobe's. Lotta' fun, great food. Home, Robin leaves then Beth and I prepare for and hit the sack. Sleeeeeeep. Later ~

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Last day before Phoenix trip. Home after meeting to paper and snack as usual. Talk Beth, then down for nap as I will be busy in the afternoon. Up and change into Western garb; then off to Thousand Palms to the CBS Studios for interview on Joey English's new TV show. Ran into Dave Moore, our old pastor. I was on with one other author (who wrote children's books). Plus a guy from one of the Indian Casinos who was the co-host. He plugged his casino whenever he could. Drive home and feed girls at three. Start packing for Phoenix trip. Down to station on corner to gas up - write down mileage so we can see what kind of mileage our new gas hog (Ford Expedition) gets on the open highway. Home and sweep up dog hair. Write here and wait for Beth to get home so we can eat and whatever else it is we do. Later ~

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Home after meeting - check e-mail and read paper. Talk dog-sitter, LeRoy. Talk Ron next door about feeding girls a week from Saturday. Drive over to Cathedral City to pick up a prescription, then home. Work at computer. Lunch with Buster and Fuzzy again, but I'd seen it before so back to computer. Down for nap with girls. Up and feed the girls. Work at computer until now. I'll stop soon and start dinner. Later ~

Monday, March 12, 2007

Up and off to meeting together (me behind her), then after we go out separate ways. I home and check e-mails and read paper, then computer and make up tickets for ABC Barbecue. To Office Depot and have the tickets Xeroxed and cut. Home and lunch with Buster Crabbe and Fuzzy Q. Jones. Nap. Up and feed girls. Talk Beth and call our dog sitter. To Office Depot and pick up tickets. Home and write here. Joey English e-mails about a Book and Author TN taping this Wednesday. E-mail her back and hope I can do it. We're taking Chad, Beth's employers' pilot, to dinner tonight at P.F. Chang's. Later ~

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Beth here overnight for first time in weeks. We awoke around 4:30 old time and I got up and showered and dressed. Changed clocks and she got up a little before 6:00. Breakfast and Sunday paper. She starts cleaning while I putz on computer. We take off for Indio, stopping in La Quinta for lunch at Rubios for Mexican food. On to Indio and she shops at Gotshocks for shoes. Drive home and I down for hour nap. Up and feed girls. Ron and Milton back from their cruise to Mexico. Beth continues cleaning and mopping; I TV watch Anaheim fire, then British documentary that discounts global warming. Stop before it's over and write here. Now I'll go start dinner. Later ~

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Meeting, shopping, home, unpack groceries, paper, computer - to Beth's friend Edie's to dog sit for an hour or so. Beth shows up and I home by noon. Hi to girls and down for nap. Up and feed girls. Send off query. Lynn (my publisher calls), has something for me to do in two weeks but we're already going to Beth's reunion party - Beth home and we talk. She will be home over night for a while as her employers' are in town. Now she's hungry so I'm off to cook dinner. Later ~

Friday, March 09, 2007

Home after the meeting and paper; e-mail, etc. Work on project. Lunch with Harry Baddely, Tom Snow, and Norman Foster at Sherman's Deli(good). Afterwards, I follow Beth to airport in Bermuda Dunes to drop of vehicle for pilot. Home and quick nap with girls. Up and feed them, then back to airport to pick up Beth who dropped odd the van for her employers who are coming in tomorrow. dropped her back at work and came home. Writing here now, and hope Beth gets here at usual time. Later ~

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Did a little shopping at Office Depot after the meeting (OD is my second home), then came home to the barking dogs. Checked e-mail and read paper. Back to computer and work a little on a project. Beth by for a moment on her way to the car wash (her employers' are coming in on Saturday and the cars get washed whether they need it or not). I fixed lunch and sat down to watch the Western Channel. A Republic picture with two kids in the lead I'd seen before, so I finished eating and returned to the computer. Took my nap with the girls, then got up and fed them. Talked to Tom Snow then worked a while on my latest project - interrupted for a bit because I wrote and sent out another query e-mail. I wrapped it up for the day a few minutes ago to write here, because she'll be home soon and I need to get dinner started. Later ~

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

By bank before meeting then by our girls' grooming shop after meeting to pick something up for Beth. Owners weren't there yet, so drove home and read paper. Putzed on computer for a while then drove into Cathedral City to drop off some flyers for Beth. Home and lunch - no Western Channel today - then take an early nap. Up and feed girls. E-mail from Mike Cusack. Look up some information for him. Work on computer, go through mail, talk to Tom Snow, and write here. Now, I'll write a little more, start dinner, then welcome her home when she gets here. Later ~

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Blood draw this a.m. - After, got a hair-cit, shopped for dog food, went to credit union, then home. To computer. Work on several projects. Lunch with Monte Hale and Bobby Blake again - different movie. Mail comes, then nap. Up and feed girls. Back to computer and work on latest project. Called Ed Mohler, my first Corriganville fight partner. Now it's about time for her to come home so I'll start dinner. Later ~

Monday, March 05, 2007

Shop, post office (query to agent), and home after the meeting to paper and pickles (on a diet). To computer and work on my new project for a while. Do some work for her on her computer. She by for a minute then goes. I lunch with Monte Hale and Robert Blake (10-years old) - Nap with girls. Up and feed them. Computer and work on project. Bruce by and remove our fountain from front porch. Back to computer and finish up her stuff, then back to mine. Paul Isenhower calls from North Carolina to congratulate me on Republic story in George Coan's newsletter. Beth home and I cook and we eat, She off to take a panel into Indio jail. I write here. Maybe some TV - then bed and sleep. Later ~

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Slept in until a gray dog batted my head with her paw around 5:00 a.m. Got up and showered and shaved, then dressed and had a small bowl of cereal. Read some of he Sunday paper, then she arrived. We were off to the ABC Recovery Center's monthly breakfast. Sat with Bill and Sunny White, Robin Anderson and Joel Peters. Afterwards, we drove by her employers' motorhome location to check on whether it had been washed. It had. Drove home and both of us went to our respective computers. I continued putting together a query package for the Susan Marlane Literary Agency while she worked on the minutes for her H&I meeting. Sat with her while she put together my pill boxes for the next two weeks - we shared a bowl of popcorn. She began cleaning and I finished up my query package, getting it all ready to mail in the morning. I will feed the girls at 3:00, then I'll start on a flyer for the ABC annual picnic. After dinner, I suppose we'll watch a recorded TV show; then she'll be off to her employers' home where she's staying while they're away. Later ~

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Off to the meeting, then after grocery shopping. Home, paper and no snack. Computer and work a while. She home then out for nail appointment. I take nap. Up - she's home. Feed girls. Then I work on a new synopsis for Whiskey Tears. Finish and she reads for mistakes. Print it out, then cook dinner and we eat. She shower - now we're going to watch a show we recorded last week. Later ~

Friday, March 02, 2007

Same ol', same ol. Home after meeting and paper then work at computer. Off to Palm Springs for appointment with Dr. Sommaro at 10:40. I'm doing OK. Don't have to go back for six months. Home, lunch with the Durango Kid, then call her and nap. Up and feed girls. Talk Tom Snow. Back to computer, send out several queries. Try to fix satellite dish but will need help (it blew off chimney in wind). Back to computer - write here. She'll be home soon. Later ~

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Home after meeting, read paper, work at computer. John Lane by and fix (replace) broken piece of tile in kitchen. I off to Indio for my Conservative Roundtable Lunch with Lee Ellis, Sandy, Elaine, George and Darlene. Home after and dessert. Quick nap, then up and feed girls. Back to computer and write a little. Bob Boze Bell's mother died today and I send him our condolences. Now Beth and I are about to watch A recording of "Lost" from last night. Later ~