Scribblings From the Desert

I am a published author and produced screenwriter living in Rancho Mirage, California with my wife, Beth, and two dogs, Crystal and Misty. I have spent most of my life in and around the Hollywood Motion Picture Business.

Location: Rancho Mirage, California, United States

Friday, June 17, 2011

From my last acting job in Deadly Harvest with Patty Duke (L)- I'm in car

My reverse closeup. - (these are taken from frames of the actual 35 mm film that was left on the cutting room floor; never used in the final cut.)

Leave meeting after birthdays - one for 50 years. Drive to Sam's and shop for Hall. Home and unload our stuff. Brenda here cleaning. Beth drops by to give Brenda any last minute updates; I show Brenda how I feed girls. Paul the bug guy here to spray and leaves. When they're all gone I turn on TV and fix a sandwich - watch some westerns on Western Channel while I eat. Down for nap with girls. Up and bring in mail. Feed girls. Open (one piece) mail for Beth. Into office and work on computer for awhile. Clean up side yard. Big box arrives UPS from Beth's employers. Beth home and help her bring in her stuff. She out again then back. I start dinner. We eat and talk. After ice cream, I into office and work on computer. She in and joins me. We work for awhile. She showers. I get ready. Later ~