Scribblings From the Desert

I am a published author and produced screenwriter living in Rancho Mirage, California with my wife, Beth, and two dogs, Crystal and Misty. I have spent most of my life in and around the Hollywood Motion Picture Business.

Location: Rancho Mirage, California, United States

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Iron Sheriff crew setting up for shot in front of the red barn on Corriganville's Silvertown Main Street

After the morning meeting I go with Beth to the AA Pow Wow convention being held at the Esmeralda hotel in Indian Wells. We get our badges then go to the speaker's room to see Clancy I. do his talk on Singleness of Propose. See a lot of friends at his event. We lave afterward and she drops me off at Hall to get my car. She to her place of employment to check on things. I drive home and check e-mail and news sites with girls. Then I set up lunch - chips and dip. Beth home and we have lunch with girls watching at our feet. After lunch we both into bedroom and nap. I up and check e-mail. She still on bed where she reads. I bring in mail. Feed girls. Open mail for Beth. She up and we putz around house. She prepares white corn for dinner. We eat and talk. Then we watch How Do You Know with Reese Witherspoon, Jack Nicklson, Paul Rudd, and Owen Wilson. She showers and I work on computer. Get ready - Later ~