Scribblings From the Desert

I am a published author and produced screenwriter living in Rancho Mirage, California with my wife, Beth, and two dogs, Crystal and Misty. I have spent most of my life in and around the Hollywood Motion Picture Business.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ed Mohler and either me or Sleepy in fight routine - 1959 Corriganville

Sleep in day. Beth up and off to Hall. I up 5:15, in time to see Beth off. I shower, dress, bring in paper, cook and eat breakfast while reading paper. Trim beard. Then I'm off to Albertson's on Deep Canyon for grocery shopping. Home - unpack and put away. Work at computer. Beth home and we talk and do a few things until it's time to leave for Sam's. Brenda meets us there and we all shop in different directions; then meet for hot dog and pizza. They off for Hall; I head home. Check e-mail then down for nap with girls. Up, comb and dress. Beth reading paper in kitchen watching golf. My pills are done so I close 'em up and put 'em in cupboard. Call in pizza order to Papa Dan's. Screw around on Facdebook for a few minutes then to Pappa Dan's to pick up pizza (115-degrees out). Home and we eat with girls watching and waiting. After dinner we both to office and work. Later ~