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Friday, August 19, 2011

Alexis smith and Stephen McNally in Wyoming Mail

We both sleep in - no meeting for us. Brenda calls. I up and get dressed. Breakfast and paper. She up and dressed. We off to her doctor's appointment by 11:15. Today she has a skin graft on her ankle. The scraping of the wound causes a lot of pain. Home and she down for rest and ice on foot. I make lunch and eat while watching Wyoming Mail with Stephen McNally and Alexis Smith. I feed girls then down for nap. Up 3:45. Bring in chicken and steaks from QVC that were delivered while we slept. Into fridge. Work in office. She in bed and bring her things. She into dining room. I make macaroni for dinner and we eat. She does my pills. She into bedroom. I clean up and put stuff away. Help her get ready for bed. I write here then I get ready. Later ~