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Sunday, September 11, 2011

10-Years After ~

10th Anniversary of the Muslim Sneak Attacks
Sleep in day. Beth sleeps in beside me. Up at 5:30 - shower and dress.
E-mail from Caleb that he will e-publish Shadows of Eagles. I send him some info he requested. Work some at computer. Make breakfast and eat with Sunday paper and Beth watching Fox News show about 9/11 on TV. Into office and work on computer in A.M. - Beth makes lunch and we eat and talk in kitchen with Fox 9/11 continuing. I down for nap with girls. Up 2:00 - Beth has gone to mission to take bicycles. She home shortly. I continue working in office. She joins me. James Jenkins calls from Florida and we talk for nearly an hour. Shannon called to talk to Beth and me. Work some more in office. She into kitchen to get dinner started. Into dining room and eat while watching more 9/11 coverage. Clean up. Trash out. Into office and work for awhile. Beth gets ready and i get ready. Later ~