Scribblings From the Desert

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pioneertown Water Tank and Guide Post (1950s)

Realize at 7:30 while in meeting that I had a 7:15 blood draw scheduled at Eisenhower. Say bye to Beth and off for Hospital. Check in and wait only to be told my Standing Order card had expired. Home and check e-mail and news sites; while having popcorn with the girls. Call Beth and advise her of problem. It'll be taken care of. Work at computer until I decide to go into living room and watch a recording of Ride the High Country I made a few weeks ago. Watch and eat lunch. Talk Beth. Then it's down for nap with girls. Up and get mail - two book orders. Feed girls. Make appointment for blood draw for next Wednesday. To office and work. Put out Recycle bin. Pick up after girls. Talk Tom Snow. Beth home later than usual because of a hair appointment. We talk; then I fix easy dinner and we eat. Trash night; she does a washing. I here to write this while she showers. Later ~