Scribblings From the Desert

I am a published author and produced screenwriter living in Rancho Mirage, California with my wife, Beth, and two dogs, Crystal and Misty. I have spent most of my life in and around the Hollywood Motion Picture Business.

Location: Rancho Mirage, California, United States

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Taming of the West

Beth leaves meeting early to get Jo to vet. I home after meeting and check e-mail and news sites with girls, salami, and chips. Talk to Beth. Into living room and watch The Taming of the West, with Wild Bill Elliott, Iris Meridith, and Dub Taylor. Eat while viewing. Call Beth. Down for nap with girls. Up 2:00. Work at computer for an hour. Out to bring in mail; feed girls; open mail for Beth; clean up side yard. Work in office for an hour or so. Into kitchen and start preparing taco stuff. Turn on O'Reilly. Grate cheese and the rest. Find some beans. Beth home and help her in with her stuff. She into office while I finish setting up table. We have dinner - tacos. After dessert we into living room and watch last nights redcording of Hawaii Five-0. She does wash then showers. I write here then get ready. Later ~