Scribblings From the Desert

I am a published author and produced screenwriter living in Rancho Mirage, California with my wife, Beth, and two dogs, Crystal and Misty. I have spent most of my life in and around the Hollywood Motion Picture Business.

Location: Rancho Mirage, California, United States

Friday, August 27, 2010

Drive to Hall and do my chores; talk with others; then leave and drive home. Check e-mail and news sites with pretzels and girls. Randy an his co-worker here to repair tile grout in kitchen, screwed up when new micro-wave was installed. I work at computer. He finishes up and leaves. More on computer. Brenda here just before Randy leaves. She starts cleaning. I watch Lawman at regular time. Back to computer and work. Move into living room around 10:45. Watch Strawberry Roan - one of Gene Autry's two color movies. Brenda leaves. I eat; then it's down for nap with girls. Up and bring in mail; feed girls; open mail for Beth. Call Beth. Drive to Bermuda Dunes airport to meet her after she drops off pilot's car. Drop her at work then home. Work at computer. Beth home and we talk. Fix dinner and we eat. After dessert we into office to work. I set up TV in bedroom and we watch Huell Howser's California Gold. Later ~