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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Margo Martindale wins Best Supporting Actress Emmy for Justified

Sleep in day. I up with cramp and work it out with quinine pill. Back to sleep. Up again at 6:00. Shower and dress. Beth up and gets ready for the day. Bring in Sunday paper. Make breakfast and we eat while reading Sunday paper. I work in office and I'm joined by Beth for awhile. Watch some QVC with her. She makes lunch and we eat. Have some dessert together. I down for nap with girls. She off to Maad Dog Daze prep meeting for next year. I up and work at computer. Beth home and we talk. Spend afternoon working on a novel. She makes dinner and we eat. Turn on Emmys. Move to living room to continue Emmys. I into office to write here. She to take shower and I help. Both get ready for bed. Later ~