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Monday, July 12, 2010

Even More Trip Pix

Shannon, Linda, and Beth

San Antonio River below Riverwalk

Out our Hotel Window - Alamo next door

Main entrance of Menger Hotel

Blood draw - leave meeting early. Home - stop by to say Hi to Nader. Home and eat a cinnamon roll for breakfast. Try calling Jimmy George. Put suitcases in shed. To market and shop for groceries. By Beth's work to pick up ironing. Home and unload; put away. Make bacon burrito and watch Entourage recording. Work at computer. Down for nap. Up and bring in mail. Box for Beth on porch. Feed girls. Open mail for Beth. Work at her computer to open all the mail she got while we were gone. Put some things away. Clean up side yard. Empty trash. Inside I work at computer. Beth home and we unload her stuff. She inside and we talk. She to office while I make salad dinner. We eat and talk. She does dishes while I write here. Finish putting trash out. Later ~