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Saturday, July 09, 2011

4th at Hall - Brian G.

Dillon points out her tan lines

David B. with Norman F. in background

Leave meeting half-way-through to go Grocery Shopping. Home and unload then put away. Beth home - we talk. Her nurse is coming over. I to cleaners and pick up her employers' cleaning and take to Beth's workplace. On to nail place where I meet Beth and we get nails done. I stop at her Albertson's to get some more stuff she forgot. Home and make us sandwiches. She's home and we eat. Down for nap with girls. I up and rub her foot which hurts. Mick is re-filling pool. Out to bring in mail. Feed girls. Open mail for Beth. Into office and write here. Beth up and she reads mail. She begins working on my pill boxes. We talk. Clean up side yard. Work at computer. Start making dinner salads. We eat salads for dinner. After, into living room and watch some old All in The Family episodes. Move to bedroom where we continue with TV while I re-bandage her ankle. Both to bed. Later ~