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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Capt. Kirk (Wm. Shatner) discusses scene with the director on Star Trek Paramount soundstage

Leave Hall before meeting begins and to blood draw. Home and check e-mail and news sites with Cheez-Its and Misty. Try call Jimmy George but his mail box is full. Look at some more of George's pictures. No TV. Take off for Indio at 10:30. WIND has started. Search for Office Depot on way but just couldn't find it. On to Indio for my monthly Conservative Round Table at Chinese place. Eight of us there and have a nice meal with a good discussion. Leave at 2:00 and drive to Eisenhower hospital campus for my appointment with Dr. Stone. Talk with Glenda and Heidi. Home after and bring in mail and feed Misty before I enter the house. Check e-mail and news sites. Get a few things done. Beth home early and she starts cooking artichokes. We eat and clean up. She goes about getting prepared for bed. I put trash out, then prepare for bed. Later ~